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Good News: You Now Know If Your Child Is Gender Confused

From the slightly less bat guano insane than other liberals liberals at Vox How to know if your child is transgender, according to an expert It’s a troubling fact: Anti-transgender parents can damage their children — potentially for life. A lot of research shows that if parents or families reject, mistreat, or otherwise mishandle a […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle causing deep water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Theo Spark, with a post wondering if Hillary is bat guano crazy

Say, What’ll It Take For Climate Plan To Succeed?

It’s a good question, asked by the CBC’s Mike Crawley (from a Warmist point of view) (CBC) Premier Kathleen Wynne’s showpiece action plan for tackling climate change will be unveiled today and it will have an impact on the way every single Ontarian consumes energy, whether through transportation, home heating, or manufacturing. Wynne is making the fight […]

Good News: Obama’s New Retirement Rules Will Cost You More Money

Wise government would institute rules that protect people without causing pain to those being “protected”, nor would it go overboard in creating problems where they did not exist. Obviously, government has often done a poor job of this, none more than the Obama administration, which doesn’t seem to understand “restraint” (Kiplinger) A controversial new rule […]

NY Times Thinks There Needs To Be A New Grand Old Party

I love when non-Republicans advise the GOP on how to act. In this case, it is resident “radical Centrist” Thomas L. Freidman, who, despite being a self avowed “radical centrist”, tends to take the side of the extreme Left more often. Regardless, he does actually make a few good points Dump the G.O.P. for a […]

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