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Wacky Leftists Think Everyone Should Take The No Shower Challenge

This has all the hallmarks of the Barking Moonbat left: unhinged environmentalism (as opposed to sane environmentalism), climate change, and plain old wackadoodle, with a throwback to the dirty hippy period The no-showering challenge: why we should all take part James Hamblin, senior editor of the Atlantic, recently joined the unwashed masses. As part of […]

If All You See…

…is evil ice cream from an evil moo cow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Theodore’s World, with a post on Democrats walking out on a moment of silence.

NYDN Gun Grabber Decides To Shoot An AR-15, Basically Wets His Skivvies

It doesn’t matter that the Orlando ISIS loving killer did not use an AR-15 or any variant. But, he, facts don’t matter. We already have a Philly.com writer claiming it took her just 7 minutes to purchase an AR-15. It’d take longer than that to fill out the paperwork. Did she expect to be turned […]

NY Times: America’s Corrosive Politics Towards Gays Is To Blame For Orlando

So far, the NY Times Editorial Board hasn’t blamed guns for the Orlando Islamist massacre. There have been plenty of other op-eds that have done that, as well as thinly veiled opinion pieces masquerading as articles. Because the EB knows exactly what’s to blame. No, not hardcore extremist Islam. What, you think they would actually […]

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