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Illegal Alien Supporters Very Upset Over Program That Works Well

But don’t say they support law breakers or something, because that would be hate Protesters ‘vehemently disagree’ with program allowing immigration check during arrest Protestors took to the streets in Raleigh Thursday afternoon in protest of 287-G, a program that allows deputies to check the immigration status of people arrested in Wake County. Demonstrators on […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that will rise up and swamp all the land, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Wizbang, with a post on Google suppressing the term “crooked Hillary”

Al Gore To Take Long Fossil Fueled Flight To China To Teach About ‘Climate Change’

Well, I assume he’ll be taking a long fossil fueled flight, most likely a private jet, as he likes to do. It’s pretty darned doubtful that he’ll take a low carbon sailing ship across the Pacific (Daily Caller)  Al Gore’s Climate Change Project announced Wednesday that the former vice president help will train a group […]

California Tries To Pass Anti-Free Speech Climate Change Bill

Do you know what would be funny as all get out? If all the fossil fuels companies, any companies associated with fossil fuels, and ever company run by a climate skeptic moved out of California. How would anyone get anywhere? Plus, the loss of all those jobs and revenue. Hit them where they hurt (Washington […]

Activists Wear Orange To Protest Gun Violence Or Something

Much like with Earth Hour, leftist activists put on orange for the day (or just the protest) to complain about the high rates of gun violence in mostly Democratic Party run cities (WTVD) A nationwide movement to end gun violence made its way to the Triangle Thursday. A handful of state lawmakers stood alongside groups […]

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