California Tries To Pass Anti-Free Speech Climate Change Bill

Do you know what would be funny as all get out? If all the fossil fuels companies, any companies associated with fossil fuels, and ever company run by a climate skeptic moved out of California. How would anyone get anywhere? Plus, the loss of all those jobs and revenue. Hit them where they hurt

(Washington Times) A landmark bill allowing for the prosecution of climate change dissent effectively died Thursday after the California Senate failed to take it up before the deadline.

Senate Bill 1161, or the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016, would have authorized prosecutors to sue fossil fuel companies, think tanks and others that have “deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.”

The measure, which cleared two Senate committees, provided a four-year window in the statute of limitations on violations of the state’s Unfair Competition Law, allowing legal action to be brought until Jan. 1 on charges of climate change “fraud” extending back indefinitely.

In Warmist World, fraud means any speech that they disagree with. But, interestingly, they get very upset when they are called fascists. Originally, the bill allowed suits going back 30 years, but, was then amended to go back indefinitely.

The bill, however, is probably not dead. It can be brought back up later in the year, and, being that the California general assembly is controlled by Democrats, it most likely will, with a few tiny changes to make it palatable in the Senate. If I had to guess, they’ll wait till after the November general election, to avoid the scrutiny that Democrats hate free speech and are fascists

Stephen Frank, editor of the conservative California Political Review, called the bill a “totalitarian statement by Democrats that the First Amendment is now dead.”

“Did you donate to the Pacific Legal Foundation? Do you support Americans for Prosperity? Are you a member of the California Republican Party, which has a platform approving of all forms of energy, including fossil fuel (oil)? Do you work for a gas station, an oil company, have you written a letter to the editor in favor of oil drilling?” Mr. Frank wrote in a May 31 post.

“If so, you could find yourself with being charged in a court of law, thanks to S.B. 1161,” he wrote.

The bill itself proclaims there is no legitimate disagreement on the cause of ‘climate change’, blaming it mostly on fossil fuels. I wonder if those in the California GA have given up their own use of fossil fuels? If not, perhaps the fossil fuels companies can help them out be shutting down operations in California.

Like I’ve noted, Warmists are increasing their use of Lawfare in order to force compliance while chilling constitutionally protected free speech. If they can prove fraud, go for it. Because skeptics can easily prove fraud in the so-called climate science.

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7 Responses to “California Tries To Pass Anti-Free Speech Climate Change Bill”

  1. Liam Thomas says:

    Senate Bill 1161, or the California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016, would have authorized prosecutors to sue fossil fuel companies, think tanks and others that have “deceived or misled the public on the risks of climate change.”

    In the land of fruits and nuts this right here would have FORCED fossil fueled companies to LEAVE California. FORCED THEM TOO. They would have been sued into extinction. NO CHOICE.

    Even the Majority Democrats on the senate in California realized the lunacy of this bill.

    1. Violating Free speech is sort of unconstitutional.

    2. Running out perhaps 2/3rds of the revenue and the loss of millions of jobs in the state would have resulted in catastrophe from a state that already should seek asylum from FRANCE or GERMANY.

    I will say it again….LEGISLATE, REGULATE and then LITIGATE.

    IT is the plan of the left to force their agenda on the masses until there is no freedoms left to fight back without ending up in jail.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Here’s the text of the Senate bill:

    The bill addresses Actions of Unfair Competition committed by corporations misleading investors and the public. Advertisers can lie within reason, but corporations cannot perpetrate a fraud on the public.

    Cons and libertarians want corporations to have the absolute freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

  3. Jeffery says:

    And remember, no one forces a group to form a business partnership or corporation. Groups enter freely into these arrangements with the government to receive certain protections and advantages. But with these privileges come responsibilities.

    You don’t have to form a corporation to extract oil and refine and sell gasoline! You could form a company of 200,000 workers and never incorporate and you’d have a lot more freedom to do whatever you wish. But, the owners would be responsible for all liabilities; legal, criminal and financial. Who would start a big company and get investors without government protections? Hardly anybody. By incorporating, the government protects the business (and owners) from a multitude of threats. If your product is shown to cause over 100,000 cases of heart disease (Vioxx from Merck), and you were just a nice little private company, all the investors and owners would be on the hook for the $5 billion it may cost Merck to settle. Imagine that you’re a naive billionaire and you invested $10 million in an unincorporated Merck. Plaintiffs could very well bankrupt you, even though you only invested 1% of your cash! By creating corporations, the government has created the modern economy. Investors only risk their investment, not everything they and their family owns. Corporate officers only go to prison for extreme negligence, not for any crime or accident resulting from any employee. The “corporation” is liable, not individuals.

    In exchange for these huuuuge concessions, the government requires certain things from corporations, one being not to perpetrate fraud on your investors or your customers. And if the corporation lies to hide its long term liabilities (e.g., global warming) it’s not only defrauding its customers and investors it is unfairly harming the competition that doesn’t have the same liabilities! Yikes! A free market does not mean anarchy. When business crawled in bed with government they got more than they bargained for!

  4. john says:

    Teach do you think that Big Tobacco perpetratd fraud on their customers and investors by not disclosing that their own research said that tobacco smoking KILLS?

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    McDonalds uses grease created by fossil fuels. Pretty soon they would be sued for using items created by fossil fuels.

    Remember whenever you start taking any rights away its never enough. Thats been proven throughout the age of man.

    America is truly the last bastion of freedoms. Even in Canada you can give a speech and be arrested if the speech is not pre-approved by the government to ensure it meets a code of standards.

    Free speech does not exist in Canada and it continues to be assualted as they regulate more and more INTO WHAT IS CONSIDERED INAPPROPRIATE SPEECH.

    The LEFT…The real true last bastion of freedom loving, Free speech proponents continue to try and take our freedoms away in the name of THEIR CAUSES….not realizing that at some point in this charade the freedom police will begin taking theirs away as well.


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