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Trump Changes Stance On NC Gender Confused Bathroom Law

I didn’t bother mentioning this yesterday,  because, quite frankly there’s only so much of this issue I really care about. This is what he said Thursday, on MSNBC “North Carolina did something that was very strong, and they are paying a big price and there’s a lot of problems,” responded Trump. “North Carolina, what they are […]

If All You See…

…is a world turning to desert from moo cows which create leather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Lady Liberty 1885, with a post on Moral Monday vs those with actual morals.

It’s Wild That Earth Day And Tax Day Are So Close Or Something

Warmiat Susan Darovic is totally stoked that Earth Day and Tax Day Are So darned close together April 22, Earth Day, is a good time to consider our progress on slowing climate change. That it closely follows Tax Day (April 18) seems appropriate, for climate warming is an economic problem too. Fossil fuels are very […]

NBA Commish: Gender Confused Using Other Biological Sex Bathroom Is “Appropriate For A Celebratory NBA Event”

The Bathroom Wars continue, and the NBA still refuses to take a stand against the Houston law against the gender confused using the bathroom of their gender identity. No mention of pulling the team from Houston. Still no mention of the NBA forcing ever other team’s venue to allow the gender confused to use the […]

Trump Pledges To Changes His Hardcore Image If He’s The Candidate

Apparently, this has all been just an act (AP) Donald Trump’s chief lieutenants told skeptical Republican leaders Thursday that the GOP front-runner has been “projecting an image” so far in the 2016 primary season and “the part that he’s been playing is now evolving” in a way that will improve his standing among general election […]

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