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Trump Supporter Ticketed For Flying Trump Flag

Whether or not you are a fan of Donald Trump, things like this should concern you (NJ.com)  A West Long Branch man has been ticketed for flying Donald Trump flags outside his home. The police department says he’s in violation of a municipal ordinance prohibiting the display of lawn signs more than 30 days before […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible capitalist field requiring vast amounts of non-renewable water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Neo-neocon, with a post on America united.

Climate Change Is Worse Than Terrorism Says Advisor Of Terrorist Country

Welcome to Pakistan, a nation heavy with Islamic terrorists, Taliban, and Islamic radicals and sympathizers. A nation that has been hit with numerous terrorist attacks, and is continuously trying to fend off radicalization. But, hey, Hotcoldwetdry (Pakistan Observer) Adviser on Foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz has stated that the climate change poses a greater danger to […]

Man Who Lives In Bubble Tells Dems Not To Listen To People In Bubble

This is one those “self-awareness failures” Obama is well known for (The Hill) President Obama on Thursday warned Democrats against adopting a “Tea Party mentality” that could lead to deep divisions within the party and harm its chances of winning national elections. Following the rise of the Tea Party and Donald Trump, Obama said infighting […]

Bill Clinton Is A Horrible Person For Telling The Truth Regarding Black On Black Crime Or Something

Did you see the video of Bill Clinton having one heck of an argument with Black Lives Matters screechers? Slate’s Excitable Michelle Goldberg is incensed over Billy Jeff daring to respond back, and wants the Hillary campaign to fire him Fire Bill Clinton No one is doing more damage to Hillary’s campaign than her husband. […]

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