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People Who Should Have Known Better Whine About Forgetting Their ID To Vote

I’m wondering, how does someone attend a major university without a state issued ID? Voters without photo ID run into new election rules Lisa Guraya wasn’t surprised earlier this month when poll workers at an early voting site near Duke University told her she didn’t have the right kind of photo identification, but the sophomore […]

If All You See…

…are wonderful plants and trees that will be smothered by carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Not A Lot Of People Know That, with a post on the failing EU carbon markets.

Yet Another State Department Employee Refuses To Testify On Hillary’s Server

What is it with employees under the Obama administration seeming to never want to testify to Congress or take the 5th? It’s almost like these public sector employees are trying to hide criminal activity (Daily Caller) A second former State Department official is refusing to talk to Congress about what he might know about Hillary […]

UN Green Climate Fund Increases Staffing By 150% After Obama Contributes $500 Million Of Taxpayer Money

One of the problems with many organizations, be that environmental or about helping people, is that they spend a huge amount of their “budget”, said budget which usually comes from donations, fundraising, and/or taxpayer money, on staffing, fundraising, and other things instead of the causes and people it was meant to support. If you’ve ever […]

Ben Shapiro, Michelle Fields Resign From Breitbart

Does anyone watch Cutthroat Kitchen? I love that show, and the dry humor of the host Alton Brown. If you missed last night’s episode, it had this in the 2nd judging phase It's what #CutthroatKitchen's about. pic.twitter.com/Kbb2Ji1OAY — Food Network (@FoodNetwork) March 14, 2016 That’s what so many at Breitbart have attempted to do, kill […]

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