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Ivanpah Solar Plant Could Be Soon Shut Down For, Get This, Not Producing Enough Power

Color me shocked! (Daily Caller)  California regulators may force a massive solar thermal power plant in the Mojave Desert to shut down after years of under-producing electricity — not to mention the plant was blinding pilots flying over the area and incinerating birds. The Ivanpah solar plant could be shut down if state regulators don’t […]

If All You See…

…is a water intensive orchard making orange juice for The Rich, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The H2, which, of course, does their Big Boob Friday, and has an art post on Louis Lozowick.

Huh: Who Knew That Solar Is For The Affluent And Not The Poor?

One of the things about the push to build solar, along with other “alternatives” (when the actual projects aren’t actually being blocked by hardcore enviros), is that they are expensive, and the increased cost in energy will harm the poor and middle class. Interestingly, the hardcore Warmist, George Soros funded, Joe Romm website Climate Progress […]

Salon: Say, Liberal Cities And States Are Really Horrible Places For Sexism And Hatred

I’m not sure Salon really thought about it when they re-posted an article from ultra-leftist Alternet regarding sexism and race hate and stuff The 10 most bigoted cities in America, according to Twitter New research measures the frequency that social media users across the country resort to hate speech In many ways, social media provides […]

Conservatives Against Trump Looks To Stop Trump

Red State’s Erick Erickson and a smattering of other Conservatives have banded together, calling themselves Conservatives Against Trump to stop Trump, and has released the following statement as a whole We are a group of grassroots conservative activists from all over the country and from various backgrounds, including supporters of many of the other campaigns. […]

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