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“13 million Americans could become climate refugees” Or something

Dooooooooom (CBS News) More than 13 million Americans could become climate refugees by 2100 if the worst sea-level rise comes to pass, new research suggests. Rising seas caused by climate change could permanently flood hundreds of U.S. counties, according to the study. The hardest-hit county will be Miami-Dade, Florida, where 2 million people could be […]

If All You See…

…is an evil manicured garden for an evil fossil fuels using 1%er, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Jammie Wearing Fools, with a post on where Fast and Furious guns have been tracked.

You Really Need To Look At Breaking And Entering From The Thief’s Point Of View Or Something

This is not The Onion. These people are serious (Daily Caller)  Relatives of a teenager shot and killed while robbing a home in Miami are upset with the homeowner for defending herself. Trevon Johnson, 17, spent the final moments of his life last Thursday trying to rob a woman’s house before she killed him during […]

Surprise: ‘Climate Change’ Skeptic Donald Trump Donated To Warmist Group

Donald Trump claims he is not a believer in anthropogenic climate change. He’s even stated that it was created by the Chinese. Back in February, MSNBC noted In tweets between 2012 and early 2015, he called climate change a “con job,” a “canard,” a “hoax,” “bulls**t,” and a concept “created by and for the Chinese […]

Will GOP Hold Strong On Supreme Court Pick?

The pick of Merrick Garland has reportedly split some Progressives, who wanted someone more hardcore Progressive and/or a woman/minority (why? Because. That’s pretty much their rationale). Senator McConnell is reportedly holding strong on the “no hearing till we have the next president” thought. So is Senator Grassley “When they structured our nation, the founders placed […]

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