Yet Another State Department Employee Refuses To Testify On Hillary’s Server

What is it with employees under the Obama administration seeming to never want to testify to Congress or take the 5th? It’s almost like these public sector employees are trying to hide criminal activity

(Daily Caller) A second former State Department official is refusing to talk to Congress about what he might know about Hillary Clinton’s private email system.

Politico reports that John Bentel, who retired from the State Department in Dec. 2012, has told the House Select Committee on Benghazi and the Senate Judiciary and Homeland Security Committees that he will not meet to discuss the server and what, if anything, he knows about it.

In response to a Dec. 5 letter from Judiciary Committee chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley and Homeland Security chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, Bentel said he had “no memory of knowledge” about the server.

But the Senators believe Bentel may know something. As director of information resources management at the office of executive secretariat, Bentel oversaw information technology for top level officials at the State Department, including Clinton.

If Bentel refuses to testify, the House could issue a subpoena requiring that he appear as a member of the Most Transparent Administration Ever! They could even give him immunity from prosecution, if he decides to take invoke his 5th amendment right against self incrimination. From the Politico article

“Mr Bentel… is understandably not inclined to go through that process again since he has already been questioned at great length about what he knows and what he recalls about that subject,” Turk (Bentel’s lawyer) wrote to Senate investigators in an email last Thursday. “[I]t seems to me that what is really fair here would be for you and the committees to respect Mr Bentel’s decision not to be interviewed a second time about the same subjects he has already been interviewed about at great length.”

Hey, if the police, a prosecutor, a judge, the IRS want to speak with you about something again, tell them the same thing, that you’re not inclined to go through the process again, and you want them to respect your decision. Heck, try telling your boss that.

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3 Responses to “Yet Another State Department Employee Refuses To Testify On Hillary’s Server”

  1. Jeffery says:

    these public sector employees are trying to hide criminal activity

    Or they’re tired of being harassed by this right-wing, blatantly political, witch-hunt. By all means, subpoena him. Do the Republicans suspect that the FBI overlooked Mr. Bentel?

    The Republicans have already admitted that their efforts are intended to hurt Clinton’s electoral chances, and as Trump’s chances look more and more likely, the Republicans will become more and more desperate.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Once again, Jeffery comes out in support of the criminal activities of Clinton and seek to blame others for her actions.

    Do the Republicans suspect that the FBI overlooked Mr. Bentel?

    Apparently Jeffery doesn’t understand the difference between the FBI and the Judiciary Committee.

    And that is not surprising at all.

  3. david7134 says:

    I am with you, Jeff has a lot of opinions but very, very little knowledge. If he would spend more time reading and less time typing, then he may have less hate and be a much better person. I find it amazing how people like him hate the 1%, hate the people that work hard and make a profit, hate anyone that is successful. Yet at the same time will exalt people like the Clintons who have used government to become millionaire several hundred times over, have sold influence to foreign interest, shelter their income in a charity front, and hold themselves above the law. You would think that they would want to correct the disparity, but instead they attack people who have worked to create success the hard way.

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