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Bummer: Only 9% Of Americans Are Worried About ‘Climate Change’

There was a recent poll, one which has made many UK news sites very upset, with headlines such as British people as unconcerned about climate change as Americans and Saudis The UK is ranked 15th among all the countries surveyed when it comes to Hotcoldwetdry, out of 17 countries. Among the various issues for the […]

If All You See…

…is an evil vampire electric sucking device, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is House of Eratosthenes, with a post thinking about shoes.

Good Grief: College Kids Receive 5 Step List On How To Kiss

Remember when Leftists used to say that government should stay out of the bedroom? Yeah, about that College students given five-step checklist on how to kiss without committing sexual assault https://t.co/UUhT4rq5RJ via @collegefix — The College Fix (@CollegeFix) January 29, 2016 From the article The old adage “a kiss is just a kiss” may not […]

EJ Dionne Writes On The “Long, Painful Road To Iowa”

There’s obviously been quite a bit written on the road to Iowa, which starts off primary voting to pick the Democratic and Republican party contenders for president. Jeb! is trying to stay relevant. Hillary is supposedly going to go after Trump. Trump is supposedly winning over Latinos (well, yeah, he’s for amnesty). Rubio supposedly has […]

Shockingly, Insurance Companies Are Struggling Financially Under Obamacare

If only someone had predicted that this would happen. Oh, wait, most opposed to Ocare did predict this. Heck, the Democrats who wrote this with their insurance company buddies predicted it, too, having included the notion of “risk corridors” in the massive bill. Risk corridors is the notion where it was expected that some providers […]

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