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If All You See…

…is a wonderful wooded area that would be perfect for a solar farm, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Last Tradition, with a post on needing a teacher discipline database.

Cheney: “Trump Sounds Like A Liberal Democrat”

Via Twitchy, we see two story threats. First we have .@realDonaldTrump: Saddam Hussein killed terrorists; "Now Iraq is Harvard for terrorism" https://t.co/UYpqI3w42L https://t.co/2NbkKdvalM — CNN (@CNN) February 15, 2016 Not so much. As Jonah Goldberg noted in responding to many, well, let’s charitably call them idiots, Saddam was a big supporter of Middle East terrorism. […]

Good News: Climate Action Is As Easy As Trading Your Mercedes For A Tesla

Seriously, it’s that darned easy! (via Climate Depot) Senator Whitehouse: “…I don’t want to leave the impression that mankind must suffer in order to make these changes. The changes in consumption can actually be enjoyable and beneficial. If you trade in your Mercedes for a Tesla, your quality of life just went up.” This was […]

All Criticism Of Hillary Is Sexist Or Something

We’ve seen this act back in 2008, where any criticism of Hillary was treated at sexism, even if it came from reliable leftist news sources. Well, it’s back with a bang. Or, is that a bark? Hillary Clinton, barking like a dog h/t @ABCLiz pic.twitter.com/NEHQCIRcLv — Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) February 16, 2016 Anyhow (The Hill) […]

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