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“Much Of Today’s Science Is Basically Astrology”

Let me point out once again that I am no fan of coal. I’m not buying this who “clean coal” thing, and besides being dirty, coal production damages the actual environment, not too mention the health problems to those who work mining coal. That said, we need a viable replacement, especially in terms of cost, […]

If All You See…

…is a see that will soon swallow all coastal areas, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Watcher Of Weasels, with a post asking “where do you see the economy going?” I forgot to mention Sunday that this week is Asian’s week.

Fiji First To Ratify Paris Climate Pact

Remember how the Paris climate meetings were meant to be the first step in stopping dire ‘climate change’, and we were doomed if no agreement was made? And how important the resulting agreement was? Huh (Climate Home) Fiji, a volcanic archipelago of over 300 islands, has become the first country to ratify a new global […]

NY Times: Congress Should Rubber-stamp Anyone Obama Nominates For Supreme Court

The NY Times Editorial Board actually makes a few salient points in their editorial, but, it is the lead that should be noticed first When Antonin Scalia was named by President Ronald Reagan to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court in 1986, the Senate considered the nomination for 85 days, then voted to confirm […]

Trump Decides To Run Against Operation Iraqi Freedom

Can someone check the calendar and see what year it is? (Breitbart) Trump said, “The Iraq war was a disaster. It was a mistake. We spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, thousands of lives, wounded warriors who we love all over the place. What do we have? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Iran is taking over Iraq […]

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