Trump Decides To Run Against Operation Iraqi Freedom

Can someone check the calendar and see what year it is?

(Breitbart) Trump said, “The Iraq war was a disaster. It was a mistake. We spent $2 trillion, thousands of lives, thousands of lives, wounded warriors who we love all over the place. What do we have? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Iran is taking over Iraq as sure as you’re sitting there. And that’s the way it is. We get nothing. They get the oil, they get everything. We get nothing. So it was a huge mistake. Whether people like it or not. and I’m the only one with the vision to have said don’t do it. And I wasn’t even a politician when I said that.”

He added, “Something’s going to have to happen with the party or we’re going to lose yet another election. I’m not even doing it to win election, I’m doing it out of common sense. The war was a horrible thing. If we’re not going to admit that, you’re going to have yet another election where the Democrats are going to win.”

This is surely in response to Trump’s comments during the Saturday night debate, which somehow saw the Iraq war come up. He’s doubling down. Or, is that tripling down? Because Trump has had the Left wing opinion on Iraq since late 2003, around the same time Democrats decided they were going to use the war to attack President Bush. He sure failed to convey his opposition during the long debate over Resolution 1441, approved by the United Nations and the US Congress, giving Bush clearance to engage in a military operation against Iraq if Iraq failed to allow weapons inspectors in to do their job. Saddam Hussein played his games, and lost.

And, yes, Donald, WMD was found in Iraq. And, a major point was about denying Saddam WMD. Also, free the citizens from a brutal dictator. And other measures. But, really, do we need to relitigate Operation Iraqi Freedom? No. We don’t. Apparently Trump does. He thinks this is a winning issue, despite Bush being out of office for 7 years, despite Obama having done serious damage to the gains won in Iraq. Notice that Trump doesn’t attack Obama.

As noted in the WMD link, this “demonstrates that Trump’s political philosophy is actually a hodgepodge of far-left talking points that he imbibed when he was sucking up to the Clintons, their friends, and the other progressives he rubbed shoulders with in New York.” He hasn’t given up those far left talking points. If you read the transcript of the debate Saturday night, and from the Fox News Sunday show, would you think they were made by a Democrat or a Republican?

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10 Responses to “Trump Decides To Run Against Operation Iraqi Freedom”

  1. John says:

    On Teusfay August 2 2006 Bush publicly admitted that there were no WMD
    Do you really think that the GOP should be defending Bush? His approval polls were as low as low teens
    Iraq was is and will be a complete mess
    It was never going to be the cake walk we were promised
    That mission will never be completed
    If you thought it was such a great idea Teach why didn’t you enlist ?

  2. Zachriel says:

    William Teach: And, yes, Donald, WMD was found in Iraq.

    There were a number of WMD stockpiles lost during the devastation of the Iran-Iraq War. They generally weren’t usable, but still contained dangerous chemicals.

    Bush had publicly acknowledged that WMD were not found.

  3. john says:

    Only a True Believer would still be calling that hot mess by that name, Operation Iraqi Freedom

  4. john says:

    drowning puppies Uranium is not a weapon of mass destruction it is the the 51st ost common element on earth From the article you cited DP but apparently did NOT read The repository, at Tuwaitha, a centerpiece of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons program until it was largely shut down after the first Persian Gulf war in 1991, holds more than 500 tons of uranium, none of it enriched enough to be used directly in a nuclear weapon.
    From the 2nd article you cited but again apparently did NOT read
    Of the uranium, 500 tons is naturally occurring ore or yellowcake, a slightly processed concentrate that cannot be directly used in a bomb. Some 1.8 tons is classified as low-enriched uranium, a more potent form but still not sufficient for a weapon.
    As for your insults drowning puppies, we most often choose to insult others by using the words that hurt ourselves most often. Were YOU called little guy? or retard? by others. It would seem so
    I cetainly wasn’t, and sort of smile when you try and insult me by calling me those names

  5. drowningpuppies says:

    May be a little too deep for the retard.

    It has now become pretty much the status of urban legend that no one was crazy enough to link Saddam Hussein to WMD and Al Qaeda terrorists until the Bush administration did it as a rationale — one of several — for the 2003 invasion. It makes for a great story, except for one problem.

    It’s wrong.

  6. Zachriel says:


    That is not WMD, but low-enriched uranium that was under IAEA seal. Furthermore, the Iraqi government was in compliance and left the uranium intact. Meanwhile, the U.S. forces invading Iraq initially bypassed the facility, leaving it unguarded.

  7. drowningpuppies says:

    Time again for:

    The Who Said It Game – Iraqi Style

  8. Jeffery says:

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana, 1905

    We found no ongoing WMD programs in Iraq. There were many old shells found (mustard gas, nerve agents), and that fact is now being used to justify the wrong-headed invasion.

    Congress and the weak-kneed Obama refused to hold Bush et al accountable, which was a mistake. But that time is past.

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. — George Santayana, 1905

    But there’s no harm in revisiting the truths of the past if it helps us avoid a repeat.

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