“Much Of Today’s Science Is Basically Astrology”

Let me point out once again that I am no fan of coal. I’m not buying this who “clean coal” thing, and besides being dirty, coal production damages the actual environment, not too mention the health problems to those who work mining coal. That said, we need a viable replacement, especially in terms of cost, before doing away with it. This opinion piece is very supportive of coal, as written by Mark I. Pfau, a professional geologist, who’ll certainly be dismissed as a dupe of fossil fuels companies and his information dismissed

Climate change is cause of climate change

It is a fundamental tenet of debate that your argument fails when your underlying premise fails. So far this year four guest columns (Russ Doty, Jan. 1; Dick Barrett, Jan. 5; Michael Ober, Jan. 6; and Gary Aitken, Jan. 20) have all argued the need to end Montana’s coal industry to fight climate change. Dick Barrett decries “misinformation” on the part of Colstrip supporters, but misses the point that the purveyors of man-caused climate change are the roots of all climate misinformation. The long reality is that climate change is caused by, well, climate change; not the burning of fossil fuels by man.

Mr. Pfau provides some actual facts, something Warmists hate, before getting to

Much of today’s science is basically astrology; drawing interpretations to support a predetermined objective largely established by government and the science funding machine. When government-funded science has a solution which means more taxes (carbon), more unelected government regulations (Environmental Protection Agency), agency refusal to release the science behind their decisions (EPA, NOAA, NASA), abdication of science to the United Nations, and the de facto nationalization of the energy industry; then we should all be very afraid.

It warms my heart that more and more people are starting to understand what the whole ‘climate change’ movement is about, and actively speaking out on it. I’ve been saying this for damned near a decade.

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9 Responses to ““Much Of Today’s Science Is Basically Astrology””

  1. david7134 says:

    I have certainly seen this in the world of medicine. At the medical school, professors and fellows would have several months to years of data collection. They would then take the material to a statistician and the stat guy would ask what conclusion they wanted to draw. He would then manufacture that result. I know that this goes on in other disciplines as well. Jeff and his group of drug companies will spend major bucks to a select group of doctors that are instructed through rather heavy hint to find certain results in drug trials. It is really getting ridiculous.

  2. Jeffery says:

    A mining company executive writes a factoid-filled editorial “skeptical” of AGW, to the point of calling modern science “astrology”! Who’d a thunk it?

    His argument is that the climate is always changing!

  3. Jeffery says:


    Thanks for the shout out. You boyz just cain’t quit me, can you?

    It’s a good thing that William hasn’t supplied my full name or you’d be close to defaming me! In which case I’d be the proud owner of this blog, and I might be able to access some of your millions in damages! A few years ago a local FOX radio personality revealed my full name and email address on his blog and encouraged his enthusiastic listeners to contact me (none did, although I always kept an 870 by the door). His GM had him come groveling and apologizing, and I didn’t want to own a FOX radio outlet.

    What’s your evidence that my company or I have tried to illegally or unethically influence the outcome of a clinical trial?

    And how exactly do you fudge the results of a placebo controlled, double-blinded trial? Do you as a doctor try to cheat and break the blind? Do you somehow try to influence the blinded and independent data review board? In our trials, the FDA is kind of picky about requiring us to describe the statistical methods BEFORE the study and also describing what constitutes a significant signal. Do you do things differently in the CSA? Maybe that’s why you lost the war. I guess in the good old days before the heavy handed, jack-booted regulators of the FDA started forcing pharma to play by a strict set of rules guys like you could game the system. Would the companies pass you a little extra to get a certain result? Give you some stock options that you didn’t have to disclose? Naughty boy. Are you still at LSU? If so, I’ll tell our clinical team not to use LSU as a clinical site. We’re currently enrolling a study with over 60 sites U.S. and would want to make certain we don’t run across you.

    I’m just joking of course. It’s clear you don’t know much about clinical trials.

  4. Jl says:

    As I’ve been saying all along-climate astrology. “You will meet someone interesting someday…” has been replaced by “it will get warm….someday..”

  5. Jeffery says:

    “it will get warm….someday..”

    *It’s warmed 1C already. “Skeptics” call this miniscule, but nature knows better. It’s a lot. It’s the warmest time in the Holocene and still warming. Real scientists are ready to name the new epoch the “Anthropocene”. Our great great grandkids may call it the Genocidocene.

    JonOva keeps predicting that a major cooldown is a comin’ because the super secret energy waves (Force X) from the Sun are changing. It was predicted for 2014 but now it’s put off until 2017 (he’s hoping for a La Nina) because of another invoked magic force.

    * We realize that j is that rarest of Denier, the Denier Extraordinaire, denying that the Earth has even warmed or that thermometers exist. Even proxies of warming (melting ice, expanding water) can’t dent his certainty.

  6. John says:

    Dave please tell me you haven’t devolved so that you are blaming illnesses on “humors and vapors” or witchcraft
    Drug companies definitely should be better regulated by BIG GOVERNMENT I am glad you can see the problems that can occur when short term profit is the primary goal
    Let’s strengthen the FDA and other programs that keep us safe from greedy capitalists
    Thanks for pointing that out Dave

  7. david7134 says:

    You condemned my assessment of the drug assessment process then in the next statement you supported my analysis by wanting to exclude objective analysis from LSU. As to threats of suit, bring it on big guy, I have made the bulk of my wealth with countersuits, I love the game and I am good at that as well.

    As to understanding the double-blind process, certainly I know the drill, I take the Good Practices Course every year, as required, and have been primary in numerous trials. Now, you have to be joking with some one like me when you tell me I can’t determine the difference between a placebo and active drug, what a joke. Tell the commenters how you pay $20,000 per enrolled patient to the MD’s, and more, and don’t expect that many of the more ethically challenged are not going to give you what you desire. Hillary has already shown how easy it is to corrupt the system, I assume the FDA is much similar to the rest of the government.

    As to excluding LSU, by all means, it really sucks.

    You don’t really think I will honor you with a comment.

  8. Jeffery says:

    You condemned my assessment of the drug assessment process

    Yes, yes I did.

    I have made the bulk of my wealth with countersuits

    So you harm your patients and turn around and sue their lawyers. Brilliant!

    you supported my analysis by wanting to exclude objective analysis from LSU.

    No, to exclude you, who once again admitted to unethical practices.

    you pay $20,000 per enrolled patient to the MD’s

    You think the clinical trial costs accrue to the MD?

    dave, unlike you and most greedy conservatives, not everyone will lie, cheat and steal for a handful of dollars or for a few dollars more. That’s the good, the bad and the ugly of unfettered capitalism.

  9. david7134 says:

    As usual, you get nothing right. This is the same behavior that we see when you talk about your religion. Who ever said I was sued for malpractice and if sued for malpractice who ever said that my actions were not acceptable to the norm? Thus, you just committed an injury and are exposed. And I know were the $20,000 and more goes.

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