GOP Supposedly Aiming To Make Democrats Pay For Their Iran Deal Support

Thursday, idiot GOP Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted to hold a vote on the Iran deal, despite know that Democrats had the votes to stop the GOP from breaking the filibuster. And despite knowing that Congress has yet to receive all the relevant information per the Corker amendment from Obama, which was signed by Obama, hence, the review period cannot have even started. So, we get

Democrats Hand Victory to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal

Senate Democrats delivered a major victory to President Obama when they blocked a Republican resolution to reject a six-nation nuclear accord with Iran on Thursday, ensuring the landmark deal will take effect without a veto showdown between Congress and the White House.

A procedural vote fell two short of the 60 needed to break a Democratic filibuster. It culminated hours of debate in the Senate and capped weeks of discord since the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China announced the agreement with Iran in July.

In NY Times World, it’s a victory for Obama when Democrats block debate on something as important as the Iran deal, which will have major negative consequences down the road.

Remember, the majority of Americans want, at a minimum, debate and an actual Yea/Nay vote on the deal. Most are against the deal, and want it killed, in almost every single poll. The least McConnell could do would be to force debate on the issue. Use the nuclear option, if Democrats refuse to debate. Will he?

GOP aims to make Democrats pay politically for Iran vote

It may be years before the political fallout of the Senate’s mostly party-line vote Thursday to preserve the Iran nuclear agreement becomes clear. But it’s already a defining campaign issue — and like the Iraq War and Obamacare votes last decade, looks likely to remain a stark dividing line in many election cycles to come.

Republicans are plotting to make Democrats pay dearly for backing an agreement the GOP argues hinges on an historic enemy of the United States playing nice. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell plans to return to the floor next week to force Democrats to take more votes Republicans say they’ll regret as soon as Iran violates the terms of the deal or sponsors terrorist attacks, which critics believe is just a matter of time.

The question is, will these be toothless and worthless sham votes, or will he find a way to force Democrats to actually debate, and take votes that put Democrats on the record with their support of the Iran deal? He’s surely thinking about this in a manner where Dems can be hit over their record during election season, when he should be thinking about a way to kill the deal.

This is a bad deal. Had a Republican president and Secretary of State negotiated it, Democrats would be 100% against it. They would be joined by a majority of Republicans, because it is a bad deal. Just for starters, the basic points of permanently eliminating Iran’s nuclear weapons program and anytime/anywhere inspections are failures. The deal only postpones Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions, and we see that the inspections are jokes. This deal is a joke. All the Democrats who voted to block debate have the consequences, including any terrorism from the money released, on their heads.

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  1. John says:

    The GOP majority Congress has a 16% approval rating who cares what they think

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