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Today’s Doomy Prognostication

A quick and dirty post based on this tweet of DOOM Animated map shows what the US would look like if all the Earth's ice melted @BI_Video http://t.co/nAsMoSc8om pic.twitter.com/vutxYsivKm — Business Insider (@BusinessInsider) July 25, 2015 This is based on hysteria of a 200 foot sea rise if, IF, all the ice melts. Which could […]

If All You See…

…is a possible tropical storm caused by too much carbon pollution from beer, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on dumb people and selfies. Any suggestions for next week’s theme?

Hillary Clinton Says We Totally Need To Reinvent Capitalism

Interestingly, not to solve “climate change”. She just wants to blow up capitalism overall. Now that she got her big pay day (The Blaze) Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said capitalism must be “reinvented” during an economic address where she condemned the pursuit of short-term profits at the expense of long-term prosperity. Delivering remarks at […]

California To Target Group Who Shot Planned Parenthood Videos

No announcement as to whether Planned Parenthood will be reviewed. This is an AP article, but, amazingly, it is in the health and fitness section of ABC7 in Los Angeles (obviously, the article is at lots of other news outlets) CALIFORNIA TO REVIEW VIDEO TARGETING PLANNED PARENTHOOD California Attorney General Kamala Harris said Friday that […]

Things Named After Robert Byrd Are Instruments Of Racial Terror

And this is all thanks to Democrats. So says the Brent Staples in a NY Times op-ed Confederate Memorials as Instruments of Racial Terror The Confederate-flag-waving white supremacist charged with murdering nine African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C., church in June demolished the fiction that the flag was an innocuous symbol of “Southern pride.” This barbaric […]

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