Victim Shaming: Media, Particularly CNN, Decides To Blame Pam Geller

Does this mean we can now blame rape/sexual assault victims? Of course not. Geller is a conservative, and is being mean to hardcore Islamic extremists, and in Liberal World, Liberals have decided that attacking the extremists is the same as attacking all Muslims, and “Islamophobia”. Let’s not forget that ISIS/ISIL is taking responsibility for the Garland attack

(Breitbart) Sunday in Garland, Texas, there was the equivalent of “The Book of Mormon” mixed with “Piss Christ” in the form of a Muhammad cartoon contest. Just as Mormons and Christians would prefer not to be mocked, the same is of course true for Muslims. The only difference is that when you mock/insult Mormons and Christians, you do not need a SWAT team to protect the event.

For all kinds of obvious reasons, local authorities wisely decided that Geller’s cartoon contest did need a SWAT team for security (something the event paid for out of its own pocket), and they were right. Two gunmen with assault rifles were thankfully killed by police before they could Charlie Hebdo the event. One terrorist has been identified as a Muslim. They might even have been carrying bombs.

Geller and her group, along with all those who attended, were standing up for freedom of speech, and against Islamic extremists. Was it provocative? Yes. Was it mean? Perhaps. Was it free speech? You bet. My little blog, along with many others, were banned from India, due to the “Flush the Koran” project. But, no one ever attempted to attack us for being provocative.

In fact, CNN’s attacks on Geller all day Monday can be summed up in just a few words: “The Bitch was begging for it.”

The victim-blamers at CNN are furious at Geller. First off, she’s an outspoken conservative. Secondly, this terror attack against her stepped all over CNN’s desire to re-ignite the riots in Baltimore. Now CNN has to change the topic to stories anathema to CNN’s Leftist/anarchists: Muslim as terrorists; heroic cops (in Texas, no less), and a conservative survivor/victim.

CNN’s fury against Geller started first thing morning at the hands of “New Day” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota. Forget all the good memories you have of Camerota at Fox News. She went the full-CNN against Geller, attacking the activist as a bigot who is unnecessarily provocative. Camerota’s victim-blaming was disgraceful, and Geller ran circles around her.

Many more CNN folks attacked Geller, and brought on lots of guests to personally attack Geller.

CNN’s Ann Colwell is running an article entitled “Who Is Pam Geller”, which devolves into an attack piece. Remember how all the media told us about the times Freddie Gray was arrested for drug dealing, assault, burglary, and other violations?

It’s interesting that CNN, like so much of the Leftist media, has no problem attack a conservative woman, but will do all they can to protect a portion of Islam that is sexists, ant-gay, and pushing religious government. Not too mention murderous.

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11 Responses to “Victim Shaming: Media, Particularly CNN, Decides To Blame Pam Geller”

  1. Jeffery says:

    For Ms. Geller it was the perfect ending to the perfect day. She obtained the expected result – almost as if she’d planned it that way.

    It’s never OK to shoot those that make you angry.

    So although Geller was wrong to taunt, the terrorists were infinitely more wrong. Fortunately only one good guy was harmed.

    Ms. Geller has the right to provoke and taunt others since being an asshole is protected by the First Amendment.

    The Supreme Court ruled in 1977 that American Nazis’ plan to march through the heavily Jewish Skokie Illinois in full Nazi gear including swastikas was protected behavior. So is Geller’s provocative behavior.

  2. Deserttrek says:

    the little cowards are so scared of the mohammedans …. the terrorists got what they wanted, death ….. Geller and her associates did nothing wrong

  3. Jeffery says:

    The Jewish hatemonger Geller found her niche – ranting and raving about the savages – Muslims. Good for her. I’m sure she makes a nice living. But just because people criticize her foul acts doesn’t make her a victim – as she claimed – similar to a rape victim.

    People who have been raped are actual victims. In most cases, a violent man puts his penis into a woman’s vagina, mouth and/or anus against the woman’s will, usually under actual or implied threat of death. Now that’s a real victim!

    Getting an unarmed security guard shot by her provocative (yet perfectly legal) actions does not make HER the victim. She didn’t get shot or shot at.

    She baited the two murderous doofusses (doofi?) into a confrontation that ended, thankfully and appropriately, in the two doofi being shot and killed graveyard dead. (Great job, police!).

    Maybe that’s her plan to rid the nation of jihadists – the old “bait and shoot”.

    Just because the attackers were much worse than Geller doesn’t mean that Geller’s actions are OK. If Geller’s (and others’) goal is to force Muslim extremists to understand the West’s beliefs regarding nearly unbridled free speech – they are failing. In addition, they’re provoking millions of peaceful Muslims.

  4. drowningpuppies says:

    Or… Maybe islam is the problem here.

    Pam Geller and her provocative ‘draw Mohammed’ event forces the defenders of Islam to react violently is the same argument an abusive husband says about his wife, ‘she made me beat her up’. If she had done what I told her, and kept her smart mouth shut, I would not have had to give her that black eye.

  5. Jeffery says:

    Just as there is no excuse for violence against your mate, or for raping a woman, there is no excuse for violence provoked by cartoons. But excusing an act and recognizing stimulation/response are two different things.

    Is it legal to ridicule your violent spouse? Of course. Is it wise? (Best advice: Divorce a violent spouse.)

    Is it legal to sneak up behind Mike Tyson and yell Boo Boy!! Of course. Is it wise? You can decide that as you pick up your teeth.

    People who are mocked, ridiculed and humiliated often react negatively, sometimes violently.

  6. Jeffery says:

    Pam Geller and her provocative ‘draw Mohammed’ event forces the defenders of Islam to react violently

    Her provocation did not “force” anyone to do anything, nor does it excuse the violence, but neither was the response totally unexpected.

    Her goal was to poke, prod and agitate Muslims, even to the point of violence. Mission Accomplished!

    What’s her point(s)? 1. To demonstrate the brutal savagery of the far-right Islamic jihadists (we already knew that!). 2. To demonstrate that she hates the extremists in extremis (many folks had not heard of her, so here she succeeded in spreading her name and fame and improving her potential income). 3. To recruit undiscerning conservatives to hate all Muslims and Islam in general (big score here, too).

  7. Tax Slave says:

    She did not provoke peaceful Muslims, just two violent wannabe terrorists

  8. Jeffery says:

    Now, on FOX, Geller is comparing herself to Rosa Parks. The host was incredulous. Parks bravely advanced the cause of an oppressed people. Is there an important objective to what Geller does?

    And even the Charlie Hebdo folks are criticizing her for rabid anti-Islam beliefs.

  9. But excusing an act and recognizing stimulation/response are two different things.

    I’ll totally agree with Jeff on this one (weird, eh?), as I’ve written a post along similar lines in the past several months at least once (can’t find that main post on this, dagnabit). Actions can have consequences, and they are not always pleasant. Sometimes, people bear responsibility for their actions. If you know a neighborhood is bad, and you still go there at night and get robbed, you bear responsibility. If a women gets crazy drunk and is flirting with drunk men, and gets groped, she bears responsibility. Neither are at fault, nor should be blamed.

    In the same light, Geller bears responsibility, but should not be blamed. And the media has decided to Blame her, and focus on her, rather than on the problems with extremist Islam.

  10. Deserttrek says:

    according to the j’s logic, any and all conservatives, climate change realists and people of faith other than islam should have free rein to kick his a** into pulp because of his actions, he did bring it on himself.

    the answer is no of course not .. people who can’t take being mocked need to be locked up for their and our good

  11. Jeffery says:


    You don’t read very good, huh?

    I condemned the would-be killers. I praised the police.

    I criticized Pamela Geller but I didn’t threaten her or physically attack her, nor did I urge others to do so.

    By all means, come to St. Louis, look me up and try to kick my ass for mocking you.

    Do you really think that people who object to being mocked and ridiculed should be locked up?

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