Having Nothing Better To Do, Rutgers Snowflakes Call For Diversity With Mascot

Special Snowflake Syndrome meets Social Justice Warriors meets someone needs a part time job

(NJ.com) A bill passed by the the Rutgers University Student Assembly calls for more gender and ethnic diversity in the mascot costume, according to a report by The Daily Targum, the school’s student newspaper.

Emmet Brennan, student assembly parliamentarian, came up with the idea after noticing the mascot is light-skinned with blue eyes, which he said isn’t representative of the school’s diversity.

“What we were thinking — the way the bill’s laid out — it’s not defined that we need an Asian knight, a black knight, a Latino knight,” Brennan told The Daily Targum. “That we would really leave it up to the different student organizations … and basically the student body as a whole to determine how many knights they’d like and what these knights would represent.”

So “Something Must be Done” because we are Offended, but, these Special Snowflakes have now passed the buck on actually doing something.

BTW, if you think everyone in NJ is a raging Progressive, read the comments at the story. (I use DevilUKnow as a screen name )

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One Response to “Having Nothing Better To Do, Rutgers Snowflakes Call For Diversity With Mascot”

  1. John says:

    Haha again with the “special snowflakes”
    Teach you attended one of the most expensive prep schools in the whole country, a school that costs twice as much to attend as Rutgers
    Does that mean that you were a double special snowflake as compared to the students at Rutgers?

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