Warmist Cornel West: Not Divesting From Fossil Fuels Is Like A Planetary Selma Or Something

Some Warmists have called for others in the Cult Of Climastrology to tone it down, stop being so over-the-top with their alarmism. Cornel West apparently didn’t get the message

(UK Guardian) The outspoken civil rights activist and academic Cornel West said Harvard University risked being on the wrong side of a “planetary Selma”, culminating a week-long campaign by students and prominent alumni campaigning for the most prominent university in the US to divest from fossil fuels.

The sit-in protest shut down the campus building that houses the president’s office for the entirety of so-called “heat week”, and forced the closure of another administration building for two days.

Funny that the UK Guardian, which has decided to forgo responsible journalism in favor of being activists for Hotcoldwetdry, would publish this article, considering they haven’t divested their own portfolio and still use fossil fueled vehicles to deliver their paper edition.

“It’s climate justice, more than anything,” McKibben said in an inteview with the Guardian. “And no one has stood on the side of reason and justice more than Cornel West.”

Strange how so much of Warmist language sounds like Progressive language, wouldn’t you say?

West, in a final protest organised by the student group Divest Harvard, pushed even further on (Harvard University president David) Faust.

“Ecological catastrophe is as evil as white supremacist catastrophe, anti-Jewish catastrophe, anti-gay catastrophe, anti-Muslim catastrophe,” West said to loud applause on Friday. “Doctor Faust, we now have a planetary Selma. We want you on the right side.”

Someone ask Mr. West if he still drives a fossil fueled vehicle and takes other modes of fossil fueled travel. This goes for Bill McKibben, and all the others mentioned within the article. Ask them if they have divested all their own portfolios from, as the Guardian petition asks at the link, the 200 fossil fuels companies. I bet there will be quite a bit of ums and ahs and hemming and hawing.

Someone should also ask all the snowflakes attending Harvard and this protest if their parents, most of whom are probably well off, have divested from fossil fuels.

Oh, wait, sorry, my bad, I forgot that things like divestment and giving up the use of fossil fuels is for Other People.

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2 Responses to “Warmist Cornel West: Not Divesting From Fossil Fuels Is Like A Planetary Selma Or Something”

  1. john says:

    Back in the 80s cons were also very upset when people,schools and businesses used divesture to force South Africa to change its apartheid policies
    Snowflakes ? Teach didn’t you attend one of the most elite schools in the USA ?
    Wouldn’t your definition of a hypocrite also include yourself? Is your own life 100% pure to your political ideals?
    Harvard has a 37,000,000,000 dollar endowment
    It currently has 75,000,000 in direct fossil fuel investment
    Harvard could and should divest from these
    Also Teach you constantly speak of giving up the use of fossil fuels, a rather extreme position that only a few hold and fewer achieve. This of course is the classic straw man and presents an easy target to swing at.
    There are very very few who demand a complete end of all fossil fuel use. Certainly there are many more who believe that the climate change was foretold in the Bible as indicating the nearness of the End Times

  2. john says:

    Porter would you personally like to see the reduction in coal burning (cheap but dirty) and an increase in cleaner fossils and renewables? How much if anything would you pay to have cleaner air?

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