Leftists Respond To Indiana Pizza Place With Tolerance, Compassion, And Reasoned Debate

If you believe the headline, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you

Indiana pizzeria closes after threats

A family-owned pizzeria in Indiana closed on Wednesday following backlash over its support of a controversial religious freedom law.

TMZ reported that Memories Pizza is suspending its business operations amid uproar over the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Owner Kevin O’Connor said vitriol toward his restaurant was so intense it was closed until further notice. The eatery began receiving threatening phone calls and social media postings after revealing its support for the law earlier this week.

No one should have expected anything else. For all their talk about tolerance, reasoned debate, and being the Smartest People In The Room, Leftists typically devolve into over the top hyperbole, obscene vitriol, and threats. The next part of The Hill article is just as interesting

O’Connor and his family initially inspired public rage by declaring that they would not cater gay weddings on Tuesday. That announcement made Memories Pizza Indiana’s first business to refuse potential customers service for religious reasons under the new law.

Can you imagine the outrage if this was about a woman being raped? Hill writer Mark Hensch is blaming the victim for the death threats. Here’s a lovely Concord coach

She ended up being suspended.

How did this whole thing come about? Apparently the reporter, Alyssa Marino with ABC 57, spent quite a bit of time trolling for a business, any business, who would answer the question as to whether they would cater a gay wedding. Memories Pizza, which has never been in a situation where they were asked to cater a gay wedding (or probably any wedding at all), is a mere 20 miles from South Bend.

So a hypothetical situation that has never occurred was enough for Marino to do a remote outside the business on the ABC 57 nightly newscast and make citizens who’ve never been accused of harming anyone the top story of the night.

The story went viral, as it obviously would, and Memories Pizza is now closed and the O’Connor family is receiving death threats. Crystal O’Connor told Marino, “We’re not discriminating against anyone, that’s just our belief and anyone has the right to believe in anything.” She was right on the first part, her and her family are learning, thanks to “journalists” like Alyssa Marino and Brian Dorman, that she was woefully wrong on the second part.

In today’s society, you are not allowed to have certain beliefs if they Offend someone, and any death threats are your own fault for daring to use your Free Speech Rights.

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13 Responses to “Leftists Respond To Indiana Pizza Place With Tolerance, Compassion, And Reasoned Debate”

  1. Hank_M says:

    I read that Adlai Stevenson once said that “A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.”

    Looking at the left nowadays, it’s apparent why they see common ground in radical Islam and refuse to condemn it. They’re not far removed from practicing the violence here.

  2. John says:

    Omg!!! Internet desth threats
    How unusual is that
    Fortunately the pizza shop owners received 50000 dollars in donations
    Certainly enough. For a long safe vacation someplace Teach threats of violence whether on the Internet ir in reality are never acceptable
    “Leftists” receive many more threats than rightists and of course as we all know gun gondlers are overwhelmingly right wing
    There are no major left wing groups that advocate gun ownership
    When Vlkven Bundy’s posse. Drew fown on law enforcement. I don’t remember any lefties being there

  3. Hank_M says:

    John, I have to admit, that’s the most sensible and coherent comment you’ve made in quite a while.

  4. TrishMac says:

    John, I have to admit, that’s the most sensible and coherent comment you’ve made in quite a while.

    Comment by Hank_M— April 2, 2015 @ 10:32 am

    This is so darned stupid and contrived. Can anyone even imagine a gay wedding with catered pizza????????????

  5. Nighthawk says:

    Go look at the headline for that story they did. It was misleading and designed to cause a backlash. The editing if the story is the same. The tweets made by the station were also bad and misleading. It is not just that one reporter that was trolling and trying to cause outrage. the whole station was in on the act.

    I hope the place reopens soon. I want some pizza.

  6. Phi Taylor says:

    This really made me laugh!!!

    Thank you for posting…

  7. Phi Taylor says:

    “This is so darned stupid and contrived. Can anyone even imagine a gay wedding with catered pizza????????????”

    This really made me laugh!!!

    Thank you for posting…

  8. TrishMac says:

  9. Jeffery says:

    Conservatives dislike the queer folk and see things changing. The transparent, discriminatory and likely unconstitutional laws being passed by Republicans represent the last gasps of a dying idea.

    You don’t like gays. We get it. You’re not being asked to like them or endorse them. But if you sell cakes for a living you can’t refuse to sell one to someone because they’re gay.

  10. Deserttrek says:

    the child abusers are at it again ….. and the j lies like a cheap rug regarding the law and peoples motivations .. the funny thing is he will bow to isis and try to service them while they saw his head off ….. libs in action gotta luv it

  11. Jeffery says:


    How dare you trivialize child abuse, you odious piece of shit. Typical right-wing scum. My nephew is a state’s attorney handling only the worst of the worst child abuse cases. What state do you live in (besides the state of denial)?

    I’m curious why YOU seem fixated on child abuse? Are you a self-loathing gay predator pedophile? Is that it? You fit the profile. Vile. Obsessed. Slimy.

    And you never have anything to say except about your obsession with abusing children.

  12. Buckeyetater says:

    what color is the sky in your world ? Plaid ?

  13. Jeffery says:

    You buried the lede.

    Within 48 hrs of the passage of the law that Gov Pence and others claim was not intended to codify discrimination, a shitty little pizza parlor declares they’ll now discriminate against the gays.

    Things are moving so fast. Has Indiana already repealed the law or changed it? What are my hillbilly brethren in Arkansas doing?

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