Cult Of Climastrology Rather Upset That They’re Being Called A Religion

I actually agree. They should be upset. Because they aren’t a religion, they’re a cult. Here’s Warmist Rebecca Leber at the far left New Republic

Republicans Are Attacking Climate Change Science by Comparing It to Religion

Republicans struggle to find a convincing reason not to take action on climate change, so they tend to recycle excuses. In the 2014 election, one line in particular caught on—the two top Republican congressional leaders, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, insisted they were not qualified to discuss climate change science because they were not scientists. Since then, countless high-profile figures have called out this line, including President Barack Obama and Stephen Colbert.

Au contraire, we have plenty of reasons, chief among them being that anthropogenic global warming/climate change is a load of unscientific mule fritters.

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum demonstrated the line in a speech on Thursday. Santorum, who uses his religion to justify policies such as discriminating against gay people and outlawing abortion in all circumstances, accused President Barack Obama of being motivated by the so-called religion of environmentalism. “[Obama] is against fossil fuels, for his own, in my mind, quasi-religious reasons, which is not a rationale,” Santorum said. “If someone would go forward and put forth a religious idea as to how we should regulate the environment, and it was based on a Christian or other types of religious (ideas), they would be condemned up and down.”

Similar remarks seem to be circulating within the GOP.

Again, they’re wrong, because it’s a cult

The climate-as-a-religion accusation is hardly a new invention. It continues to cycle in and out of political rhetoric. The late sci-fi writer Michael Crichton (Senator James Inhofe’s favorite climate change expert) elevated it in a 2003 speech the Wall Street Journal reprinted on March 15. He declared that “one of the most powerful religions in the Western World is environmentalism.” Inhofe, who uses the Bible to refute climate change science, repeated these words in 2005 remarks on the Senate floor. He said, “Put simply, man-induced global warming is an article of religious faith.” Countless others have picked it up since then.

Well, yes, they have, because those who believe in AGW/Climate change act like cultists. Nothing dissuades them from their belief set.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy gave a blunt answer to Republicans arguing this at a congressional hearing earlier in March. “Climate change is not a religion,” she said. “It is not a belief system. It’s a science fact.” Taking action to mitigate and adapt to global warming isn’t a faith-based task. It is a response to reality. Obama is responding to an issue that affects the businesses, the weather, infrastructure, agriculture, insurance market, GDP, medical care, and more. This isn’t about his personal “belief” about coal. Republicans can disagree with Democrats about the best solutions to pursue, but they can’t reasonably argue that not responding at all is an option.

We can’t argue with those who act in a manner more reminiscent of a hardcore cult member, as opposed to someone who is willing to look at the scientific facts. And they all act more like the leaders of hardcore cults, the type that live high on the hog while their followers are forced to live very simple lives.

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6 Responses to “Cult Of Climastrology Rather Upset That They’re Being Called A Religion”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Nothing dissuades them from their belief set.

    Data and evidence. Got any?

    You claim that climate scientists are unscientific, yet you never discuss science. The Earth is rapidly warming from the CO2 we’re adding to the atmosphere. That’s a scientific fact.

    Calling it the Cult of Climastrology (CoC) is just more name calling.

    Those that fall for your infantilism are known as CoC suckers.

  2. Hoss says:

    ” The Earth is rapidly warming from the CO2 we’re adding to the atmosphere.”

    Sad. Just sad. I can picture Jeffery pulling his hair every time someone calls bullshit, or another sacred global warming cow is slaughtered, on this farce of a global scam. I figure he’s probably a cutter too.

  3. Jeffery says:


    Don’t be sad for me – be sad for the child in the picture – I assume a daughter or granddaughter whom you likely love very much.

    You see, Hoss, I understand the truth of global warming, while the deniers deny.

    Why do deniers never want to discuss climate science? Do you deny that the Earth is warming??

  4. John says:

    Teach pls post a link to the you tube video of your lord Monckton where he claims to have discovered. Ghe cute for AIDS Upi really should include it with every mention of the Pause

  5. jl says:

    “The earth is rapidly warming from the CO2 we’re adding to the atmosphere.” No, it’s not, and rapid compared to what? That’s got to be one the dumbest statements from the cult that I’ve heard, and there’s lots of material to work with. With only 130 years of comparable temperature data, you have no idea if it’s fast, slow, normal or what (hint: the other 4 billion years). The only reason your cult leaders proclaim “rapid” is because they know it’s been warmer before and they’re desperately trying to differentiate this period from others. “Yah, it’s been warmer before but look out, this one is really fast!” “It’s a scientific fact.” Good one J- like it’s never happened before that what we think is scientific fact is proved wrong.

  6. Jeffery says:


    Which fact do you object to? That the Earth is warming? That CO2 is the cause? That it’s rapid compared to the last major transition (beginning of Holocene). The transition from the last glacial period to the Holocene occurred at a warming rate of about 1 degree C/1000 years. Now it’s warming at 1 degree C/100 years.

    Yes, the Earth has warmed and cooled before. So what? This time it’s warming rapidly from CO2 that humans are adding to the atmosphere.

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