In Endorsing Dems For State Positions, Raleigh N&O Reads Like Hardcover Progressive Blog

If I hadn’t already mentioned in the headline that this comes from the Raleigh News & Observer,  the editorial board,  to be exact,  could you tell the difference between a hard core progressive blog and what is North Carolina’s preeminent newspaper,  publishing in the state capital?

Democrats offer a needed change in NC House

One reason that Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis is having a tough time in his race for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan is the dismal and mean-spirited record he helped create as leader of the General Assembly’s lower chamber.

From voter suppression to a ridiculous (and thanks to the courts, irrelevant) anti-gay marriage amendment to the cuts in unemployment benefits to the state’s refusal to expand Medicaid rolls at no expense to North Carolina, Republicans in the House and the Senate have been an embarrassment to the state.

For state House seats in the Triangle, The News & Observer is recommending the replacement of sitting Republicans with Democrats. The Republicans have shown no compassion for the disadvantaged, no empathy for the unemployed and a callous disregard for public education.

I wonder if the Daily Kos, eh,  News & Observer can explain what Dems did while they controlled the General Assembly for most of the preceding 100 years? Their pitiful policies were the reason they were booted out in 2010. I do enjoy the part where they are actually slurring 61% of the population which voted for Amendment 1, which banned gay marriage.

District 11: In this Cary/Raleigh district, the choice is happily clear. Incumbent Democrat Duane Hall, an attorney, has been a calm, progressive voice and a dutiful servant of his constituents. (I love that part about “progressive voice”. It’s like the N&O isn’t even hiding anymore)

District 35: Construction manager Brian Mountcastle, a Democrat, is an energetic lifelong resident of the area and deserves the nod in this northeastern and Eastern Wake County district. He brings a fresh and hopeful voice to this race, and this race needs it.

Democrat Lisa Baker is the best choice. She has been active in her community for 30 years, serving in any number of voluntary roles, and she’s well-tuned on issues and would bring an enlightened compassion to the House, which it sorely needs.

That goes on for the rest,  where it is all about squishy feelings,  portraying Dems as oh so nice and,  subtly meaning Republicans aren’t. What’s missing is any policy platforms and competence. This is how we ended with the disaster that is Obama.

This also avoids the reality that NC’s economy is turning around now that we have a GOP general assembly and governor.

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