Good Grief: Warmists Now Linking Autism To “Climate Change”

These people are shameless. But, then, we already knew that

(Guardian) Autism has been linked to man-made toxic pollutants in the air, a symptom of global warming and climate change. Researchers at University of Pittsburgh have published a new study on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the journal of The American Association of Aerosol Research. It was also published in a press release by Heinz Endowments. (Snip)

According to a press release from the Heinz Endowments, it appears that the mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder were exposed to a number of man-made chemicals and toxins that are the direct result of man-made climate change and global warming events while pregnant, and this may be responsible for their children developing an ASD. These toxins in the atmosphere are man-made hydrocarbons, and are directly linked to global warming, climate change and now it would appear, ASD.

Good grief. Here you have a story about the potential dangers from hydrocarbons,  which these bat-guano crazy people have to make all about global warming and climate change, which they make out to be two separate things.

This fact advances the theory that man-made climate change and global warming type events like car emissions and heavy industrial manufacturing will forever be linked to autism spectrum disorders.

Sigh. Nutjobs.

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9 Responses to “Good Grief: Warmists Now Linking Autism To “Climate Change””

  1. david7134 says:

    Now this shows the stupidity of the climate movement. The one factor that seems to be associated with autism is prolonged exposure to Pitocin and its cousins. Also, the fact that most of the mothers are nuts.

  2. SirShrek says:

    Global warming, climate change, climate disruption, should be changed to weather change. Then the alarmists will have a daily disaster to point to, and it will all be our fault, but with more urgency. Climate worry isn’t immediate enough to scare all the people all the time. Climate alarm just isn’t doing it. Weather alarm is todays angle to attack freedom, free enterprise, and the general well being of all humans. Give it a try fellow totalitarians. May Herr Marx be with you.

  3. Jeffery says:

    So an overwrought press release from Pitt makes climate scientists stupid? Some scientists overstate their case, especially in press releases. I’m surprised they didn’t link their results to Ebola or ISIL.

    dave, Do you have any evidence at all to support your claim that prolonged exposure to oxytocin (and what are oxytocin’s cousins?) is linked to autism?

    Multiple studies linked styrene exposure with autism.

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  5. GOODSTUFF says:

    one.. two.. three…… potato!

  6. david7134 says:

    Yes l have references.

  7. Jeffery says:


    So you have no evidence to support your claim that oxytocin causes autism? I’ve been searching in PubMed and can’t find any either.

    Any evidence to support your contention that the mothers are “nuts”?

  8. Fritz says:

    There has been no modern epidemic of autism. There has been a modern epidemic of autism diagnoses. There is a strong genetic component to autism, and very weak to no evidence for any environmental causes. As a correlative study, this paper does almost nothing to contribute to that knowledge.

    The bullshit about “global warming” comes straight from the Heinz foundation which funded the project. The foundation is headed by Theresa Heinz Kerry, wife of John Kerry (Sec. State), and is money she inherited from Sen. H John Heinz. She’s well known to be an environmental activist of the idiot variety. But she’s rich as Croesus and can do what she wants.

    I have no doubt the press release was embarrassing, at best, to the studies authors, seeing how it turned cause and effect upside down. The Raw Story version is certainly a more accurate description of the study. More of my take here:

    Scientific Insanity: Global Warming Blamed for Autism

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