Liberals Are Super Upset About A Few People Killed With A Gun…

  • …but not over the others killed with a knife.
  • …but not over those hit with a car.
  • …but not the tens of millions killed and tortured by their favored communist/socialist rulers like Stalin, Mao, Chavez.
  • …but not over the tens of thousands killed in Syria by guns, bombs, and chemical weapons.
  • …but not the millions of children aborted each year because liberals are too lazy to use protection when they get drunk.
  • …but not the thousands killed by Islamic jihadis.
  • …but not the millions who die every year due to an what is effectively a DDT ban.
  • …but not about Iran getting the nuclear bomb.
  • …but not the millions who live in squalor thanks to “climate change” policies.
  • …but not all the illegals who kill, rape, assault, rob, and steal identities, effecting a huge amount of American citizens.
  • …but not the American citizens murdered in Benghazi.
  • …but not the 50 thousand children who died every year under Saddam Hussein, along with all the other Iraqi’s intentionally tortured, maimed, and killed under Hussein.
  • …and want to restrict Other Law Abiding Citizens from owning a gun to protect themselves from the fallout of Liberal soft-on-crime justice system policies.

I’m sure you have your own to add. Liberals have an interesting value system, one which excuses certain things for political expediency and beliefs. Let’s follow up with another Typical Liberal Nutjob Gun Grabber, The Daily Beast’s Cliff Schecter

“How the Gun Nuts Try to Excuse Away the Santa Barbara Slaughter–And Why They’re All Wrong”

Fortunately, the article title tells us right off the bat that it will be full of strawmen article and crazy.

The firearms fanboys have been more creative than usual, scrambling to defend their precious weapons in the wake of the massacre in Santa Barbara. It’s only made their excuses lamer.

Interesting. A Constitutional Right is now considered “fanboy” material. Also interesting, per the American Spectator, and something I’ve noted a few times since the event, California has the toughest gun laws in the country (which also means they are some of the toughest in the world).

They have their talking points at the ready for these, and they immediately got started: If we ban guns, they warned, then we have to ban knives and cars, because he used those to kill and injure people, too. California has liberal gun laws, and this proves they don’t work, they insisted. There is nothing we can do to stop gun violence, they recited; guns don’t kill people, people do.

Or, they can be fed into wood-chippers and ovens, much like was done by some of the Left’s favorite dictators.

Another favorite conservative retort to calls for stricter gun regulation has been to point to California’s “liberal” gun laws, which supposedly didn’t help Santa Barbara at all. However, the fact that the shooter possessed only 10-bullet magazines and no assault weapon—or what he could legally buy—clearly did help. As terrible as this was, it could have been much worse if the gun fetishists had their way, and any manner of weapon or magazine was for sale.

So, apparently the 10 bullet magazine restriction did not work. And notice Cliff mentioned “magazines”. People can carry more than 1 and switch them out when they go on a murderous rampage? Strange. In fact, as Cliff learned, Elliot Rodger had 41 ten round mags.

We believe in that part of the Constitution—the Preamble actually, which comes before the 2nd Amendment you don’t even understand—that promises us that our government will protect “the general Welfare” and “domestic tranquility.” I’d argue that with weekly mass shootings occurring—in the short time it has taken me to write this, there has been another gun massacre, this time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina—Congress is directly disobeying the Constitution, as well as the Will of the People, to give special consideration to an interest group that funds its members’ campaigns.

Cliff and the other gun grabbers only believe in certain parts of the Constitution, and want to use those two phrases to support violating those other parts for their own political benefit. If Cliff, and the Daily Beast editors, are so concerned about guns in our society, perhaps they will call for The Government to disarm itself. Until then, that “interest group”, made up of at least 100 million American citizens, will continue to defend itself and their Constitutional rights from the gun grabbers who care little about the actual deaths, except as props for their political beliefs.

Life is not Utopia. Bad things are always — always — going to happen. But it is crystal clear that the problem in California isn’t guns. Liberals demanded — and got — the “toughest gun control laws in the nation.” They made not the slightest difference to a mentally ill young man, who should never have been on the streets of California in the first place.

That’s from the American Spectator article mentioned earlier. But, be careful in pushing for stronger mental health laws: when leftists are involved, you might just get more than you expect.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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6 Responses to “Liberals Are Super Upset About A Few People Killed With A Gun…”

  1. john says:

    Conservatives are super NOT upset over gun deaths. They just don’t care when people are murdered by guns.

  2. Nighthawk says:

    They just don’t care when people are murdered by guns.

    Exactly when has a gun murdered anyone? Anywhere?

  3. Jeffery says:

    Guns don’t kill people, conservatives with guns kill people!

    Teach, like most of the lies you tell more and more frequently, the items in your list above are mostly lies and exaggerations, with no evidence to support them.

    Do you have evidence that only drunk liberals get impregnated and abort? Of course not. According to Guttmacher 65% are Christian.

    While you advocate banning knives and cars, and invading Syria and Iran, most liberals are smarter than that.

    You use the lazy rhetorical trick of claiming that anyone who wishes to reduce firearm deaths in the US doesn’t care about anything else. You falsely suggest that the argument is about banning firearms.

    Teach: Did you ever correct your false claim that more Americans are killed with hammers than with guns?? If not, can you explain why you feel it’s acceptable to spread disinformation to your hapless readers?

  4. Better_Than_Late_Gumballs says:

    California has liberal gun laws

    Talk about an oxymoron. California has some of the MOST RESTRICTIVE gun laws. Not liberal.

    And so, with those most restrictive laws and rules on the books, a person who was sick in the head, legally bought the CA approved weapons which included a knife, a gun, ammo, and a car.

    Yet, the persons most capable of stopping him, didn’t.

    Laws dont stop people from behaving badly. People do.

  5. Jeffery says:

    And guns are the murder weapon of choice about 9000 times a year, while hammers are used less than 500 times, contrary to what Teach has been telling everyone.

  6. Nat says:

    The political left, marxist, and communists have not a clue about the real free world and how it truly functions.
    here is a wonderful lesson:
    Inanimate objects be they guns, knives and baseball bats from the past and those in future have NEVER nor will ever kill anyone or anything on its own accord. You see these things are merely tools great men have fashioned for the sole reason to benefit those that wield them properly in a bid for true freedom. This thought confounds the left because any action on their part when viewed unfavorably blame the mechanism or process. The leftists blame the evil tools as they use rhetoric and straw man arguments to cut and beat the opposition to a pulp until seen as politically manageable in size. Death can be caused by animals that act against others and many use tools to enhance those desires. You must know that any animal can learn how to use a tool. Those that are wise can learn how to use any tool responsibly.
    I know this because I personally own many big scary guns, lots of pointy bullets, big pointy knives, forks, pistols, sharpened sticks, swords, baseball bats, big wrenches, scissors, axes, hammers, rocks, cars, pickup trucks and stuffed chew toys for the dog. Many decades have passed with no deaths of an animal in the immediate area or with in a few hundred yard radius that I did not intend to eat. I know how some people think, and I do not eat people, please refrain from projecting your inner animal reactions to those outside the hive minded collective. Not even a serious hang nail from these terrible violent objects acting on their own accord.
    I did manage to shut my big toe in the car door once, maybe we need to have a common sense discussion to legislate car doors into history. This is another personal rub. How can someone without common sense have a common sense discussion about something they do not know?
    From studying and fully understanding history to the present we can easily learn that the highly educated left leaning ideologues which are not able to function in the real world sometime snap to the point of murder. These educated deniers must constantly receive validation from the collective while sniveling chide remarks in chorus at and about those which are viewed as unwashed or simple. We free thinking people understand and except the true nature of man at its core with out exception or modification. If not validated in a timely manor or to satisfaction the leftist oppression mechanism has no other option than to manifest itself which has lead to murder too many times. Killing anyone that happens across the path to satisfy a need for ultimate control alone is murder. Only after the act do the remaining educated deniers assign human actions to inanimate objects to further a political ideologue designed to limit a god given right to self defense. They do not understand anything beyond the collective mentality. Self preservation is bastardized rolled into a mythical collective that cannot exist with out supreme power of a hive mind. Like bees it takes many to bring down a determined foe.
    The left fantasize over Mao, Che and mass murderer’s in history with infant like awe. The power to decide the fate of others is the goal the left cannot resist. Most understand power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We free individuals are antithetic to a collective hive mind. There is no perfect person or hive minded group to wield total power. A free powerful individual is not allowed into any a one on one discussion due to the left is powerless with out a mob/ hive to back their collective thunder. This is the reason we seldom here reports of an armed good guy with determination to stop the madness is not news and utterly alarming and foreign to the hive collective.
    When the left feels the verbal fray is moving in the incorrect manner of their cause, they redirect the discussion to a straw man argument. We are told that individual defense is for the police and how our protection is not the domain of any individual in a polite society. Ask if they would willingly walk across the bad side of town with $100 bills sewn to their clothes after dark while telling the locals to check their privilege for fun because you know murder,theft and battery are already illegal. We are told to piss ourselves and hope the bad person leaves us alone. we are told be happy in the farce minded collectivist society which will inevitably bring everyone to a magical equality where we all are worth exactly the same which in left code speak is nothing. I can hope that one day they no longer view a fellow man unimportant. The left projects themselves to be onto the world around them. This is also the reason the left is always in a terribly rotten mood.
    No thank you I shun the collective misery you identify as comforting. If I am forced to fight for my liberty or freedom I fight to win. I will not knowingly go into the night as an equal. I shall be ever exceptionable as I can be and defend me and mine with vigor, ultimate individual determination. I will defend myself with those inanimate objects which can also be used as weapons that you so loathe whether legal or not.

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