Harry Reid To Allow Votes On Changes To Obamacare

Hey, I thought that It’s. The. Law? CNN’s Dana Bash provides a fawning, softball interview with Dingy Harry (as written by Dan Merica)

In a nod to vulnerable Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2014, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday that he will allow the Senate to vote on some Democratic proposals to change Obamacare.

In an exclusive interview with CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash, Reid said he is meeting with Democrats who have suggestions about altering Obamacare and hopes to bring their changes to the Senate floor for a vote.

“If there are things we can do to improve the bill, we should do it,” Reid told Bash during an interview in his office. “There’s a group of senators, 2014ers we call them, who are coming up with different proposals. I’m meeting with them some this week and individually.”

Reid would not specify certain changes he would make, telling Bash that while there are “five or six really substantive proposals,” one suggestion is to “lump them all together.”

What this is really about is giving vulnerable Senate Democrats, up for re-election in November, political cover. They’ll propose changes to Obamacare which are meant to look good to those voters who can go either way, and they’ll vote for these changes, but the changes will most likely fail in the Senate. Reid will stick some poison pills into the proposed legislation to make sure Republicans do not vote “yes” on the changes. The Dem Senators can go back to their states and say “hey, I tried, but those pesky Republicans blocked the legislation”, without mentioning that most of the other Dems voted “nay” nor the poison pills.

Asked if he believed Republicans would go along with Democratic-proposed changes to Obamacare, Reid said, “Republicans vote against everything. Of course they would vote against it.”

Again, that would be on purpose. Reid will make 100% sure that Republicans will not vote in favor. The compliant lapdog media will forget to highlight the poison pill, highlight the GOP as intransigent, and depict these vulnerable Dems, such as Kay Hagan, Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu, and Mark Begich, as “moderates”.

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2 Responses to “Harry Reid To Allow Votes On Changes To Obamacare”

  1. Also might be an effort to save Holder’s butt from Senator Mike Lee’s scrutiny of the authority for the delayed Employer Mandate.

  2. Cold_Spring_Gumballs says:

    Harry Reid said Tuesday that he will allow the Senate to vote on some Democratic proposals

    Aren’t all proposals and bills put forth in Congress Democratic? Granted, most of them enforce Socialism, but since their authors are elected through a Democratic process, and the proposals and bills are voted on (when allowed to be voted on) in a Democratic process, then they are in fact Democratic. Right?

    Or, is this a lazy version of writing “Democrat” again? As many idiots in the media do, when they talk of members of the DEMOCRAT party, they blur in the word “democratic”.

    So, in this writing, does the author mean that Harry Reid will only allow those proposals that were written by members of his DEMOCRAT party? I’d bet so.

    It’s way past time. Repubs need to do NOTHING but submit anti-ObamaCare bills. Do all they can to block any other bills, while constantly submitting bills, editions, amendments, attachments all year long to cancel the evil ObamaCare.

    But… we now have Repubs pushing to join his highness Obama to expand Socialism, eliminate laws that they should follow, unenforce more unfollowed laws by others, increase funds for pork, enact more fines\taxes\levies\regulations, and rewarding those who violate laws, while killing the prospects and dreams of us citizens of America.

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