Bummer: Still No Smoking Guns Against Chris Christie

First, this sounds like what the Left termed “uncivil discourse”, linking guns with a politician (hey, I don’t make the rules). Second, the Liberal Media has been investigating Christie non-stop since the day this “scandal” broke in a manner more reminiscent of a teen boy searching to see every video of their favorite porn star

No Smoking Guns Yet, But the Noose is Tightening Around Chris Christie

The New York Times is pretty clearly expending a lot of resources on the various Chris Christie scandals. So far they haven’t produced any smoking guns, but they’re sure digging up some stuff that doesn’t look good for Team Christie. First up is a look at the Christie political team, which was apparently obsessed with winning votes in Democratic-leaning towns. This wasn’t because the votes themselves were all that critical to Christie’s 2012 reelection campaign, but because winning in these places “would validate the governor’s argument that he would be the most broadly appealing Republican choice for president in 2016”:

Very violent laden headline. Second, Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum is surprised that a politician would be obsessed with winning votes?

The story doesn’t contain even a speck of proof that Christie had anything to do with the bridge closure. But it sure paints a suggestive picture. There’s obviously more to come on this.

After all these weeks and there is no proof of Christie wrongdoing, just proof that, shock!!!!!1!!! Christie is a *gasp* politician.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Still No Smoking Guns Against Chris Christie”

  1. Kevin says:

    I used to think Christie was alright, but now that I know he wants to get votes, I don’t like him anymore. That kind of thing is unbecoming from a politician.

    (heh. Actually, I don’t like him because he said property taxes would stop increasing when he got elected, yet my mom’s taxes go up an average of 2.5% every year.)

  2. Cold_Spring_Gumballs says:

    Welcome back Kevin.

    No Smoking Guns Yet, But the Noose is Tightening Around Chris Christie

    Uber-violent imagery that may cause some people to act out violently by causing harm to innocents.

    Now there seems to be an email from one of Christie’s so-called friends saying Christie knew about the bridge thing.

    I’m watching with baited breath cus the fate of the entire eco-system depends on this outcome. Our stars might fall out of the dark blanket if this is not mind-numbingly investigated 24/7.

    And now he is even pushing for more Gov’t growth? Wonder if he is running for office again? Didn’t he also go running to the feds for help, fully embracing a Socialist at the expense of his peoples?

    He is a democrat plain and simple. A mild one. But still a democrat.

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