Climate Change Is Dead Last On List Of American’s Priorities

Surprise? This comes via The Hockey Schtick, a Wall Street Journal poll on the state of the union and what Americans care about, along with Obama’s approval rating. Here’s the chart

Humorously, when Obama started yammering about “climate change” the Gore Effect kicked in, with light snow starting in D.C.

And why should people care? Warmists refuse to make their own lives “carbon neutral”. They won’t give up their own fossil fueled vehicles and travel. And Warmists continuously change the data

Multiple U.S. government bureaucracies including NOAA, NASA, and the Department of Energy are again being accused of inappropriately manipulating temperature data — or “adjusting” it, as officials at the agencies implicated in the scandal put it — to show global warming. While the accusations are not new, the latest scandal, sparked by an in-depth analysis of the data by independent analyst Steven Goddard at Real Science, relies on official records to suggest that federal agencies have been fudging temperature measurements to make past decades seem colder and recent years appear warmer.

Numerous scientists and experts confirmed Goddard’s explosive findings, but in separate responses to The New American, both NOAA and NASA attempted to downplay the significance of the accusations. The major problems identified by Goddard in the temperature records of federal bureaucracies relate to the U.S. Historical Climatology Network (USHCN), the official data-set covering the continental United States. While the agencies admit the records are adjusted, Goddard and multiple scientists suggested that biased methodology was used to adjust the data to show an unjustified and “spurious” warming trend.

The data is constantly being changed, typically cooling the past and warming the most recent years. The data is the data. If you change it again and again and again, that certain opens up the allegation that this is no longer science. But, then, it isn’t: “climate change” is about politics. Period.

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2 Responses to “Climate Change Is Dead Last On List Of American’s Priorities”

  1. Missing_Springy_Gumballs says:

    No surprise there. The common person who has to work for a living, who depends on the work of their own hands to provide food and shelter for themselves and their family, KNOW what is important. They know that heat, food, gas for the car, money to pay the bills and rent are what are important.

    If you can’t pay your bills because of increased taxes and the price of commodities has caused the price of EVERYTHING to go up, then people don’t care that some polar bear on the far western side of the arctic (not the central or eastern side mind you) might have to astutely swim a bit further for dinner.

    It’s the high-minded liberals who live life easily that think their ways and ideas are better than the common person’s idea of survival.

    We should institute a survivalist course for every child. Make them learn and appreciate what shelter and clothing to protect from freezing and sweltering, the random chance of finding food for survival, the rarity of good clean accessible water.

    Ask them when they exit the test, “now, how important is it to you that our world may have warmed by 1 degree C since the time before you were born, but has only increased by 0.1 in your lifetime?” “Are you willing to give up heat in the winter so that your grandchildren may have a 1% chance at a 0.5C cooler\warmer climate?”

  2. Jeffery says:

    Our employment crisis is of staggering importance and US citizens recognize it. And Washington continues to fiddle. We could have full employment within a year but we don’t have the political cajones to act.

    The rest of the items on the survey pale in comparison to the acute employment problem that is dragging down the nation. And Washington continues to fiddle.

    Income inequality is an important issue because as gumballs describes above it is becoming more and more difficult for the “non-rich” to make ends meet. Gumballs blames taxes and inflation but those are minor elements in the stagnation of wage growth in the US. How do we get more of this nation’s great wealth into the hands of the working classes? We need to rediscover the way for the economy to supply better jobs! Full employment would increase the bargaining power of all employees. Union busting has reduced labor union enrollment significantly. Our immigration and “free trade” policies have put our working classes in direct competition with lower paid foreign workers. Our tax policies reward the wealthy at the expense of the rest. Drug patents reward the wealthy but cost working Americans $270 billion a year. Our healthcare policy was a patchwork mess before the ACA and is only slightly better now.

    Finally, climate change is one of the greatest long term challenges we face. The longer we ignore it, the worse it will be for future generations. But in the face of the horrific employment crisis we face today, it’s off most folks’ radar, which is understandable.

    The Pirate’s response: It snowed a little in DC proving climate change is a hoax. Warmists refuse to make their own lives “carbon neutral” proving climate change is a hoax (do you have any evidence about how those you slur as “warmists” live their lives?). Warmists are faking all the data, so it’s really not warming, proving climate change is a hoax.

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