P0rn Stars Leave California For Vegas Over Condom Law

Laws have consequences. In this case, revenue and jobs are leaving California because of a law, something California should be used to

(UK Daily Mail) It is known as the City of Sin, so it is perhaps no surprise to find that the porn industry is moving to Las Vegas after LA passed a law requiring performers to use condoms.

As the industry struggles to survive in an age of free websites and amateur videos uploaded to the internet, producers looking to cut costs are also attracted by the cheap hotels, mansions and warehouses to use for their films.

In a worrying development, many adult film makers are also using the move as a way to get around stringent health checks imposed in LA, including a law requiring all male performers to wear condoms, brought in after several actors tested positive for HIV.

The number of permits requested to make porn films in Los Angeles County has declined by an estimated 95 percent since the law took effect, according to Film LA, a private nonprofit that issues the licenses.

The number of applications fell from about 480 in 2012 to just 24 through the first nine months of 2013.

This isn’t so much about the specific law, but about Government overall. They pass a burdensome law, which creates issues with the revenue stream. What does that industry/business do? If they’re lucky, they can simply pick up and move. Many gun and gun accessory companies, such as Magpul, have bailed on states which have passed onerous gun restrictions. What do we do when the laws are nationwide?

The star of both films, James Deen, a millennial porn icon who acted alongside Lindsay Lohan in ‘The Canyons,’ said moving the industry to Las Vegas is just a band aid.

‘The issue with running to Vegas is it doesn’t actually fix anything,’ he said, taking refuge near a stairwell at the convention hall to avoid interruption by a constant stream of fans.

‘We should explain to the people who put that law in place why it’s unnecessary, and appeal it the same way any community would appeal any asinine law.’

That is a prescription for all burdensome, asinine, idiotic, job killing, money killing laws, many of which appear because lawmakers are just trying to Do Something. That’s how we got Obamacare. They were trying to Do Something, and rather than implement wise legislation, they passed an asinine law, which seems to be so burdensome that Obama has unilaterally changed portions of it.

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  1. Springy_Gumballs says:

    It won’t get any better. Things will only get worse.
    Welcome to Socialist’s wet dream.

    Our end will be the same too.

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