Are You Ready For Polar Votex Two?

More importantly, are you read for the anti-science climahysterics to blame cold weather on too much heat?

(Daily Mail) If you live in the American Midwest or East Coast, you may want to hold off on putting away your winter gear.

Just as temperatures are beginning to warm in much of the U.S, another arctic blast in the form of a polar vortex appears to be on the horizon.

The upcoming front of icy temperatures is expected to bring arctic air to southern Canada and then move into the northern plains of the U.S. before moving to the Midwest and East Coast – each of which is still recovering from last week’s frigid temperatures. (snip)

‘Following the retreat of arctic air this weekend, waves of progressively colder will move southward over Canada next week,’ Lead Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok told

Forecasters expect the first stage of the new arctic blast to hit the northern plains by Monday, the lower Mississippi Valley and Midwest Tuesday and Wednesday then the East from Thursday.

Like the last bout of icy air, this one is the result of a portion of the polar vortex breaking away from the Arctic Circle.

‘We will likely see a piece of the polar vortex break off and set up just north of the Great Lakes spanning Jan. 16 to 20,’ Mr Pastelok said.

This one will not be as bad as the previous one, particularly for Southern states, which will only see a slight dip in normal temps. Here in Raleigh, we’re looking at a projection of 44F for Thursday. We can expect the typical caterwauling about cold being caused by warming temps, though. Easy prediction.

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One Response to “Are You Ready For Polar Votex Two?”

  1. Jeffery says:

    the Pirate typed:

    “We can expect the typical caterwauling about cold being caused by warming temps, though.”

    And the climate realists can expect the deniers to pimp the next cold snap and to snow troll.

    The realists got out ahead of the snow trollers during the last cold snap and it pissed off the deniers. lol.

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