Ship Of Fools Pledges To Plant 800 Trees To Offset Expedition

Hmm, it seems they’re heavily aware of all the fossil fuels they’ve used, you know, fossil fuels which are supposedly evil (via Breitbart)

(NZ Herald) The hapless Australasian Antarctic Expedition is finally homeward bound – and thousands of trees will have to be planted to offset the carbon footprint from the prolonged rescue effort. (snip)

The expedition had pledged to plant about 800 kauri trees in Northland to cover its carbon footprint. Environmentalists believe planting trees helps to offset the impact of burning fuels such as diesel.

But former Act Party leader and Herald on Sunday columnist Rodney Hide said that would have to increase to about 5000 trees to make up for the fossil fuels burned in the rescue.

Expedition leader Chris Turney said more trees would be needed than earlier estimated but he was yet to work out how many.

This is like acknowledging that running red lights is Bad, and Other People should be stopped from running red lights, but you yourself will run red lights and simply pay the fines. Because you’re spreading awareness that running red lights is Bad.

Of course, when all is said and done, is there really much in the way of proof that these trees actually get planted? Oh, I’m sure a few trees get planted here and there via purchasing carbon offsets, but what is the overall percentage?

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5 Responses to “Ship Of Fools Pledges To Plant 800 Trees To Offset Expedition”

  1. proof says:

    Sounds like they’d have used a lot less carbon if they’d just gone Donner party.

  2. Jeffery says:

    What they needed was a sea dog like The Pirate to guide them to safety. Arrrr

  3. Koczani says:

    What good is planting trees in Antarctica?

    Just kidding!!!

  4. Thawed_Gumballs says:

    So, they will have a CO2 greenhouse develop seedlings for them, fossil-fuel them to their company, fossil-fuel them to an approved planting site, have everyone else fossil-fuel drive to planting site, and then spend days planting seedlings.

    Anyone believe this will happen?

    Or, will they just pay a lumber\forest company to buy seedlings that they would have bought anyway?

    Turney:”We’ve offset our carbon by planting 5000 trees!!”
    Reality:”No, you didn’t. You reimbursed a lumber company the cost of it doing business-as-usual. It would have planted those trees anyway. all you did was help support a tree killing industry.”


  5. P_Ang says:

    You can’t eat hippie meat! It smells terrible, you can’t gag it down and it will make you hallucinate.

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