UK Guardian Fascist Wonders If Aussie Papers Should Give Platforms To Skeptics

Lest you think I’m casually throwing around the word “fascist”, Progressives are, at their very core, part of the Fascist movement. Jonah Goldberg referred to them as “nice fascists” in his book Liberal Fascism. And Warmism has Progressivism at its very roots. And, for all their high-minded discourse about wanting debate and free speech, they Do Not like people being allowed to disagree with them, and do everything they can to Shut Debate Down. Here’s yet another example, as Warmist movement to shut down debate in the media grows. This is Alex White at the UK Guardian

Should Australian newspapers publish climate change denialist opinion pieces?

Should Australian newspapers, like Fairfax, publish opinion pieces that deny or seek to cast doubt on man-made global warming?

Obviously, you won’t be surprised that Mr. White leans towards the position that papers should ban any diverging viewpoints on “climate change”, like has happened at the LA Times, Reddit science, and a few other outlets. White is discussing an op-ed in the The Age by Skeptic John MacLean, and doesn’t seem to like that MacLean was given a platform. Progressives really hate that. White ends with

Is the responsibility of major media publishers on honesty, accuracy and objectivity?

That seems to be the view of the L.A. Times, and of Reddit.

If that was really the case, every media outlet would stop publishing the views of Warmists, who live in an alternate reality where unicorns=science.

This comes via Bishop Hill, which writes

Guardian Eco is, yet again, trying to set out its stall as the new home for totalitarianism in the international media, in an article questioning whether things would be a whole lot better if we didn’t have freedom of the press any longer.

BH also notes that we should expect more of this, as professional journalists are replaced with activists.

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9 Responses to “UK Guardian Fascist Wonders If Aussie Papers Should Give Platforms To Skeptics”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Liberals and the left cannot stand dissent. Instead of debating ideas and data, they simply want to shut down any voice that is not in lockstep with theirs.

    Look what happens on this blog. You have a leftist that constantly tells you what you should write and post.

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  3. Jeffery says:


    Would you prefer not to have your posts challenged?

    Newspapers and websites are under no obligation to publish everything they receive. They are private businesses making decisions to increase their long-term profits for themselves and their shareholders. You call practicing editorial judgement “fascism”, and cite noted scholar Jonah Goldberg (lol). We call it capitalism. Let the market decide. With the internet there are vehicles for distributing all kinds of trash: porn, hate, ignorance, lies. Why insist on smothering legitimate news sources with climate-porn? Society is speaking, perhaps you should listen.

    Let’s say a white separatist cult (The David’s) decided to flood newspapers and blog sites (other than Stormfront and the Gateway Pudendum which post their own separatist pieces) with stories and hypotheses of non-caucasoid people’s’ inferiority and perfidy. Do you contend that private businesses be obligated to publish it?

    Is the odious jimhoft a fascist for preventing criticism on his popular blog? Or is he just the dumbest man on the interwebs?

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  6. gitarcarver says:

    Would you prefer not to have your posts challenged?

    I am pretty sure that no one was talking about “challenging” posts or debate.

    The issue is whether the newspaper, which one would think would try and post both the scientific view of Climate Change and the challenge to that view from warmists.

    But that is not what warmists want. They don’t want the discussion to take place. They, like you, want the discussion to be their propaganda on the issue and squelch any other opinions.

    No one is denying the papers have a right to print what they want, JeffyPoop. That is not the issue here either.

    The issue is one of allowing for discussion and debate.

    It is amazingly hypocritical that you ask the question of whether people want their posts challenged and then go onto explain why you support a newspaper from preventing articles and posts that challenge ideas you hold.

  7. Jeffery says:

    The scientific argument is over, girlycurler. So, what interests you and your ilk is not scientific debate, but free publicity for your warped cult. Come back with new evidence and debate that. But no, you come back with same tired zombie ideas.

    What next? An essay on creationism?

  8. gitarcarver says:

    The scientific argument is over, girlycurler.

    I agree, JeffyPoop.

    The scientific argument is over and your beliefs lost.

    That is why you have to keep trying to suppress anything that disagrees with you.

    You don’t have the honesty or the integrity to engage in honest discussion which is why your posts expose you as a liar, hypocrite and without morals.

  9. Jeffery says:


    By all means, bring forward whatever scientific discussion about global warming you wish and let’s discuss.

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