Did FEC And IRS Collude In Targeting Conservative Groups?

To say that I’m shocked that CNN would publish this story is an understatement, but, hey, random act of journalism

The vice chairman of the Federal Election Commission told CNN on Monday he has seen numerous undisclosed e-mails between FEC staffers and the Internal Revenue Service that raise new questions about potential collusion between the two federal agencies in the alleged targeting of conservative political groups.

Don McGahn, a Republican FEC commissioner, said an investigator from his agency contacted Lois Lerner, the IRS employee at the center of the political storm now engulfing that agency.

He said the contact was made to discuss the status of one such conservative political advocacy group, the American Future Fund.

Shortly after Lerner was contacted, the IRS sent a questionnaire to the American Future Fund, McGahn added. (snip)

The answers, McGahn stressed, “could be benign (or) could be more sinister.”

True. And the Obama administration and those who work in the Executive Branch will do all they can to stonewall the investigation. That’s the base mode of Government, and certainly the modus operandi of Team Obama.


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2 Responses to “Did FEC And IRS Collude In Targeting Conservative Groups?”

  1. john says:

    Teach this is another faux scandal. CNN also reported taht the CIA was intimidating the people in Benghazi from testifying before Congress. Tghis is false and even the Weekly Standard and Powerline now admit taht.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Because john has demonstrated comprehension issues in the past, I went looking for the articles he references.

    The Weekly Standard article is here: http://m.weeklystandard.com/blogs/cia-claims-benghazi-survivors-wanting-talk-should-work-through-proper-channels_745669.html

    The article says the survivors of the attack reveived a letter dated May 30, 2013 saying if they wanted to talk to their elected officials or other officials, they should arrange it through their supervisors. In john’s mind that is”proof” there is no scandal involving the CIA clamping down on the information.

    The Powerline article is here: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2013/08/benghazi-is-the-alleged-cia-scandal-real.php

    Powerline’s unnamed source says the claims of intimidation are bogus and so in john;s mind that ends it. But remember, there was testimoney under oath that there was pressure put on people. Furthermore, unnamed sourses have stated there was pressure. At best we have a battle of the “unnamed sources.”

    However, while john wants to dismiss Benghazi as as a false scandal, the very Powrline article concludes it is not:

    So, unless someone steps forward in his own name and offers solid evidence to the contrary, my conclusion is that the CIA angle is a needless distraction from the real Benghazi scandal, which involves not the Agency, but Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Barack Obama.

    Of course john’s attempt at distraction doesn’t address the focus of Teach’s post, but nothing else should be expected.

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