Fairfield, Illinois, Bans Strip Clubs Because Of Fracking

Of course, what’s to stop the creation of strip clubs in surrounding towns? (via Grist)

(Evansville Courier and Press) While Southern Illinois residents hope capitalize on an expected oil boom in the region — officials at Fairfield, Ill., have formed a “fracking committee” to look for opportunities that an increase in oil production could bring — they also hope to head off problems that sometimes follow an increase in the number oil field roughnecks.

Noting that a similar oil boom in North Dakota led to an influx of strip clubs there, the Fairfield City Council unanimously passed an ordinance Tuesday night prohibiting nude, seminude and exotic dancers in the city. The ordinance makes it “illegal for any person, firm, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or any other entity to operate any kind of business which provides as a form of entertainment either gratuitously or at cost, nude, seminude or exotic dancers.”

The pre-emptive ordinance was drawn up after news accounts began surfacing about strip clubs popping up around the oil work camps in North Dakota, and a resulting increase in criminal activity.

Under the newly enacted Fairfield ordinance, anyone violating the law may be fined $5,000 for each day the violation exists.

Of course, Liberals are against fracking, because, as Grist puts it

It’s bad enough that the fracking boom is making it more difficult for Americans to breathe clean air, feel safe drinking their water, and stand on steady ground.

And they also feel that fracking will cause the world to spontaneously burn to a cinder from “climate change”. Liberals/Warmists only like “alternative” energy sources, as long as they are either built far away from where they live or not built at all. Oh, and as one of the comments at the Courier and Press notes, perhaps Fairfield should worry about its Meth problem. Yeah, there’s a big problem with meth there.

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2 Responses to “Fairfield, Illinois, Bans Strip Clubs Because Of Fracking”

  1. john says:

    You do realize that Evansville always votes heavily Republican, don’t you? And that this no strip law is typical of the right wing anti sex in any form policy?

  2. Burned_Out_Gumballs says:

    You obviously did not read the article did you? You obviously don’t know Teach, do you? Teach has no problem with what the people themselves dictate. It’s the writers of the article that ties the “ban” with fracking. Since fracking is bad, then bad follows bad.

    I like how the writer tries to tie underground fracking to bad air.

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