NC Kids Don’t Have Clean Breathable Air Or Something

I’m betting you can guess why

Everyone knows the bad news about climate change, said former Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello. Costly weather disasters are increasing. Kids in North Carolina don’t have clean air to breathe.

But there is good news, too, Perriello told a group gathered to greet the “I Will Act On Climate” bus as it rolled through Greensboro.

Weather is not increasing, just the number of people and buildings in the way. As for not having clean air, these Warmists are bat shit insane chicken little’s.

BTW, take a look at the photos at the link: rather a small crowd for a liberal voting area, wouldn’t you say?

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  3. Forgotten_Gumballs says:

    You know, I miss the weather around here. It came around a few years ago, but then left. We’ve had a black hole of weather here for years. Granted, we’ve not had oxygen or water either. But, we’ve not had weather at least.

    I think the last time we got hit with the bad air weather was the 1930’s. That was a bad time.

    I’m keeping my dessicated eyesocket on the lookout for any weather that might come around again.

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