IRS Scandal: Stage Managed To Leave President Obama In The Dark

Those who’ve read my blog posts know that I always refer to him as Obama or (NMP) Obama (not my president). When I refer to Obama as President Obama I do it to make a point. Case in point, per this McClatchy article at the Raleigh News and Observer

With Obama in the dark, administration planned how to stage-manage news of IRS scandal

Weeks before the world – and apparently President Barack Obama himself – heard about the details of the Internal Revenue Service scandal, top people in his administration started planning how to stage-manage the release of the information.

Senior aides in the White House, the Treasury Department and the IRS debated the best way to tell the public what surely would ignite a storm of criticism, the coming report that the IRS earlier had targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny. The plan eventually chosen: the “incredibly bad idea” of secretly planting a question in the audience when an IRS official spoke on May 10. (snip)

While White House officials insisted that aides and advisers deliberately kept Obama in the dark about the coming report, they said they and the Treasury Department started debating the best way to inform the country.

And, as we all know, President Obama stated that he first heard about this from watching the news. Now,I dearly love how McClatchy simply takes this all for granted, forgoing any sort of investigative journalism, but, then, perhaps Obama really was kept in the dark.

Which begs a question: why are any of these people, at least at the senior officer position, still employed? In any company in the world, if senior underlings engaged in this behavior they would have already been “promoted to customer”, as we say in the sales world. The same applies to most governments in the world. No leader, especially a head of a company or a government, wants to be bushwacked by a scandal, especially in politics. They always want to get ahead of the game so they can be prepared. Certainly, if the story makes it the White House chief of staff, this is something that President Obama needed to know. Why didn’t he?

Conversely, this could be the exact thing Obama wants, either because he has a stated policy or because this is the atmosphere he creates, namely that no one tells him about Bad Things. Which shows a dereliction of duty and an unwillingness to be President. It would validate what Conservatives have said for a long time, that “Obama likes to BE president; he doesn’t like to DO president.” Any leader who created an atmosphere or told his underlings “don’t tell me” would be terminated along with the underlings.

Of course, in order to cover what is sheer incompetence and what are surely mule fritters talking points (we all know that no one withheld this from Obama, he surely knew, at least back in April), we get talking points from various Obama sycophants

(USA Today) “Some matters are not appropriate to convey to him, and this is one of them,” spokesman Jay Carney said.

“You do not intervene in an independent investigation,” Carney said. “There was nothing we could have or should have done about it.”

(Fox News) Pfeiffer defended Obama’s statement that he didn’t know anything about the incidents or the investigation until he heard about them in the press.

“No president would get involved in an independent IRS investigation,” Pfeiffer said. “It would be wholly inappropriate.”

That’s cute, where they conflate being informed with “getting involved”. Obama didn’t seem to have a problem yapping his mouth, getting involved, when it came to the Trayvon Martin situation, arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. (saying the Boston PD “acted stupidly” and his beer summit), and a host of other issues.

But, I’ll say it again: if President Obama, the guy whose desk the buck is supposed to stop at, is being kept in the dark by “employees”, why are they still employed? The answer to that question should tell us that Obama knew.

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5 Responses to “IRS Scandal: Stage Managed To Leave President Obama In The Dark”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Most people know that one rule in real companies is “never let your boss be caught unawares by something that can harm him or her.”

    This means subordinates tell their bosses what is going on so that he doesn’t look like an ignorant moron when asked about something he should know.

    This rule was obviously never taught to community organizers.

  2. And since Obama has zero experience in the private sector being “the boss”, he doesn’t see to know that he should shit can his underlings.

    Of course, he probably likes it that way, being left with “plausible deniability”, while most would want to really get ahead of the scandal.

    But, he surely was informed.

  3. gitarcarver says:

    I guess you saw that today where Issa said that they had testimony that an internal investigation conducted by the IRS said the IRS knew about the targeting a year before the IG’s report.

    Once again we see a case with the Administration’s timeline doesn’t match up with the facts.

    Also of interest was how the Democrats went after the IRS today. Holy Moley.

    When Cummings, who wears elbow pads because he leans so far to the left when he walks, starts talking about how this was unacceptable, you know there is traction there.

    There is only one question that really remains here – was Obama aware of the issue?

    I have postulated that if he knew, he has to go. If the people below him knew and did not tell him, they have to go.

    No matter what, the unemployment rolls have to increase because of this.

  4. It comes down to either Obama is incredibly incompetent, a poor leader, and unengaged, or, he is fully engaged in this conduct, but no one will be able to pin him down. There are surely no documents, emails, recordings, etc, which will lead to him, so, unless one of his trusted cronies comes forward, his hands will stay clean. That’s seemed to be his pattern throughout his political career. The dirty work is done by others, so Obama can stay above the fray.

    As for Ms. Lerner, I reckon she’s going to be surprised in a few days to a week when she’s the recipient of a federal subpoena signed by a judge. By offering her opening statement saying “I’m innocent of this and this and did nothing wrong and followed the law and IRS rules and stuff” she essentially gave up her right to take the 5th on those statements, and will be compelled to testify to questions regarding her statements.

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