NC GOP Legislation Would Require Parental Notice For Contraception, STD Treatment

An attempt to include parents in the decisions of their children, something for which Democrats are against…well, as long as it’s not their own kids

(News And Observer) A bill advancing in the North Carolina House requires minors seeking treatment for sexually transmitted diseases and other problems to first obtain parental consent.

The House Health and Human Services Committee approved a Republican bill Tuesday that requires minors to get notarized consent from a parent or guardian to be treated for a venereal disease, pregnancy, substance abuse or mental illness. The bill would apply to prescriptions for birth control.

The bill includes exceptions where federal health care funding prohibits such restrictions, for judicial waivers of consent and in cases of emergency. Written consent wouldn’t be needed if the parent or guardian accompanied the minor during the medical visit and gave permission.

Dems not happy, and throwing out all sorts of BS

But Rep. Beverly M. Earle, D-Mecklenburg, said the arguments of supporters depend on a picture of family life that doesn’t exist for the youth the current law is designed to protect.

“There’s a whole world of young people out there that don’t have that relationship with their parents,” she said.

Well, perhaps we Democrats should stop pushing for the family unit to be broken up. So many of their laws and policy pushes are designed to put Government in the role of Mom and Dad. Consider how loudly Democrats become when anyone recommends parental notification for a minor looking to get an abortion. Parents should know when their child is looking to obtain birth control and/or treatment for a sexually transmitted disease.

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2 Responses to “NC GOP Legislation Would Require Parental Notice For Contraception, STD Treatment”

  1. john says:

    OMG kids are having sex !! looks like that abstinence only billions didn’t work.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Well gee john, once again you show an ignorance of a subject. We are shocked…. shocked I tell you.

    Abstinence teaching is much less costly than other educational premises and has been shown to be as effective or slightly more effective than non-abstience teaching.

    So not only is it cheaper, it is more “bang for the buck” (pardon the pun there.)

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