Massive Obamacare Application Asks About Registering To Vote

Should anyone be surprised that the humongous draft application for Obamacare health insurance delves into areas it shouldn’t?

(Washington Examiner) The 61-page online Obamacare draft application for health care includes asking if the applicant wants to register to vote, raising the specter that pro-Obama groups being tapped to help Americans sign up for the program will also steer them to register with the Democratic Party.

On page 59, after numerous questions about the applicant’s identity and qualification for Obamacare, comes the question: “Would you like to register to vote?” The placement of the question could lead some to believe they have to register to vote to get health care.

In the introduction of the document, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services declare: “This document-the ‘questionnaire’-represents each possible item that may need to be asked for successful eligibility determinations.”

There are lots of problems with asking the question, including the ones mentioned in the excerpt, as well violating the Paperwork Reduction Act and not being authorized by the (non-affordable) health care act, but let’s consider this: the application, at least in draft form, is 61 one freaking pages long. How is this supposed to make it easier for people to obtain health insurance? And since this is a draft, the final version will, according to the way government works, mostly likely be longer. And it will, once all the blank spots, particularly when they finally get around to deciding what determines eligibility 3 years after the crappy legislation was passed.

Obviously, it asks lots and lots and lots of questions about earnings and gets in your personal business.

It also asks questions about citizenship, and never says “If you aren’t a US citizen, stop here. You’re not entitled to American taxpayer subsidized health insurance”. Though it does seem, at least in draft version, to exclude most illegal aliens, since they would have no actual immigration documents.

Near the end, after filling out all this information, one finds out if one is eligible. This is a section that will certainly increase the size of the document tremendously.

Related, Betsy McCaughey writes that Obamacare will doom Democrats in 2014.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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3 Responses to “Massive Obamacare Application Asks About Registering To Vote”

  1. john says:

    Betsey McCaughey said that the Democrats were doomed in 2012. Teach perhaps you should consider putting up links to pundits who in the past CORRECTLY predicted political events.

  2. gumball_brains says:

    Sigh. Won’t someone think of the children and kill this monstrosity of a travesty?

    Hell, the Republicans have done nothing I can tell to restore the republic. They have done nothing to turn back the tide of what the Democrat House did to us?

    Have they undone the ban on the mnfg of lightbulbs?
    Have they restricted EPA, DHS, DoJ, DoE?
    Have they tightened down the pursestrings of those agencies that refuse to answer to them?
    Have they defunded Obamacare at least?
    Have they helped push through legislation that would make it easier to build nuclear, coal, and gas powered electric generation plants?
    Have they done anything with Holder? With anyone surrounding Benghazi? With Fast and Furious?
    Have they sought to overturn the NLRB’s illegal rulings?
    Have they slapped the hands of the FCC over its attempts to regulate the internet?
    Have they defunded the remaining stimulus funds?

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