Wunderground’s Dr. Ricky Rood Tackles Question “What Can I Do” About Hotcoldwetdry

Dr. Rood forgets to actually answer the question

Setting Up the Discussion: What Can I Do? (1)

This is the start of a series in response to the question, “What can I do about climate change?” This is a question that always comes from the audience when out giving talks. There are some canned answers. There are many websites that have lists. I will summarize this basic information, and I intend to synthesize this information and look beyond the canned answers.

In class, I always start this discussion with the most basic decision – whether or not to do anything. This is not meant to be flippant. There are those who for reasons of belief, priority, cost or uncertainty who think that the right decision is to do nothing. Readers of my blog know that I think that the decision to do nothing is irresponsible because the do-nothing decision increases risk and places us at an economic and technological disadvantage.

After that comes lots and lots of blather. Perhaps he’ll answer the question in future posts. Probably not.

At the top of the list for what to do, individuals have a lot of opportunity to make a difference with choices about efficient use of energy. Examining the options, there is also the opportunity for collective behavior to accelerate the impact of individuals. There is the potential of impact both at home and in decisions about commercial spaces and transportation. There is opportunity to organize neighborhoods, communities, and cities. Hence, following the decision for personal action, the next place a person can make a difference is in organizing collective behavior.

In other words, do what you want, but make sure you agitate for The Government to slap lifestyle changing requirements on Other People. The whole “collective behavior” is typical leftist take for Progressivism, ie, nice fascism.

If you ask me, I could answer this without 9 paragraphs and an unreadable chart: Warmists should practice what they preach. Give up fossil fueled travel. Install solar panels and such on their homes, getting off the grid. 2 minute showers. Only buy local. Stop eating meat. Do not have kids (please, as a Leftist, do not have kids). Walk the talk. Weird that Warmists can never get to this point.

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6 Responses to “Wunderground’s Dr. Ricky Rood Tackles Question “What Can I Do” About Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    there is also the opportunity for collective behavior to accelerate the impact of individuals.

    Yeah, we know how Socialists love to push collective behavior upon individuals, whether they want it or not, whether it is legal or not, whether it is constitutional or not, whether it even works or not.

    They know better that us mere peons who must be told how to live. If they don’t, then we would die.

  2. john says:

    Teach do you expect perfection only from “leftists” and “warmists” ? Do you consider your own existence to be fully perfected and fully actualized? As a former cheerleader for the Iraq debacle do you regret not enlisting when they pushed the qage limit up enough to include yourself?

  3. And John brings the deflection

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Even for john, that was a pretty weak deflection.

    Comically sad ravings is a better description.

  5. gumball_brains says:

    john, did you serve in Iraq to save the globe from warming?
    john, did you serve in Afghanistan to prevent GAIA from having a fever?

    teach doesn’t preach to the masses on how to live their lives and then refuse to live by the same principles. Do you? You espouse a certain lifestyle that others must follow on this blog, but do you yourself follow those same declarations to the letter?

    Are you signed up for the NAVY to save Arctic ice?

    Quit trying to push responsibility on to someone else john and be a man and do what you expect everyone else to do!

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