Surprise: Aussie Carbon Tax Contributes To Business Insolvencies

One would think that Australia’s politicians would have gotten the hint that their “carbon tax” and cap and trade programs are really, really, really unpopular after the Queensland elections in early 2012, where the Labor Party, the major force behind all the legislation, was reduced from the the leader party to not having enough seats in Parliament to be considered a recognized political party. Alas, no, they want to continue down this stupid “green” path, which is contributing to companies going under

(Daily Caller) As U.S. lawmakers debate imposing a tax on carbon dioxide emissions, evidence is emerging that Australia’s carbon tax has hit businesses hard.

News Limited Network reported the country’s carbon tax was contributing to a record number of firms facing insolvency. Data from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission showed that a record 10,632 businesses faced insolvency for the 12 months to December 31 2012 — up from 10,481 for 2011.

Australia’s largest manufacturing firms asked the central government to scrap the nation’s carbon tax as it disadvantages local companies that are attempting to compete on a global market.

Looks like the carbon tax will reduce CO2 output by helping companies go out of business, leaving manufacturing idle and Aussie’s sitting on the couch jobless and without the money to pay for electricity.

Origin Energy managing director Grant King said that the carbon tax as well as other green programs made up as much as 30 percent of small and medium sized businesses’ electric bills.

Warmists do not care, they are saving Gaia from a minor increase in global temperature, and rather than practicing what they preach, they force everyone else to suffer.

Australia’s tourism industry has also been impacted by carbon pricing. A study commissioned by Tourism Accommodation Australia says the carbon tax will add $115 million in costs to hotels and motels.

Those costs will go directly on the consumer. Well, in those cases where it’s allowed, since parts of the law make it illegal to pass on some costs to consumers. The companies have to eat the costs. All supposedly to stop the mostly natural cycle of being in a warm period.

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6 Responses to “Surprise: Aussie Carbon Tax Contributes To Business Insolvencies”

  1. UncleDan says:

    It stuns me that the Right still do not understand the Left. The Left will never, EVER give up on the pillars of Liberalism: environmentalism, abortion, atheism, Socialism, sodomy, redistribution, etc.. Because the Left never have understood that these ideas are awful failures. Ask any Leftist why Socialism is a disaster and he/she will tell you that it’s not, and if you list the problems then you’ll be told that it just hasn’t been done right in that example. No matter how far down the path to ruin this country or ANY other country goes as a result of Socialism/Liberalism, the Left will insist that it’s not because of their ideas. There is NO educating virtually all Leftists. They must be beaten. Soundly.

  2. john says:

    Ahh yes teh Daily Caller. Wondrfull . weren’t they the ones that “broke” the story about US Senator and the underage dominican hookers? That turned out to be completely not true? and then ignored the REAL STORY about who paid for this frame up? Teach as you can easily see the GNP of Australia has gone from being negative to positive in that time frame
    110 MILLION wow that is such a big number !! But since 6 million tourists arrive from overseas and overseas tourists are about 50% of the total hotel/motel days that CARBON TAX works out to labout a buck a night. Considering the very high cost of getting to OZ land I don’t think many foreign tourists are going to even notice that 1 dollar on their hotel bill, and IF they did and were told most people I believe would approve. I never bitch about the 2 dollar tire disposal fee for getting rid of my old tires responsibly, do you ?

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Germany, who some here have touted as being a model the US should follow is failing under the weight of regulations resulting in enrrgy problems which has resulted in a faltering economy.

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  5. Oh, I understand, Dan. This whole climate change movement is about instituting progressive ideals. But, these same lefties refuse to practice what they preach.

    Typical of john, attack the source. Of course, the DC is reporting from other articles, which john failed to notice. And yeah, $110 million in Australian money is a big deal, John.

    Germany is realizing that sustainable is anything but.

  6. gumball_brains says:

    The companies have to eat the costs. All supposedly to stop the mostly natural cycle of being in a warm period.

    Which is the real purpose of Carbon-Tax proposals. Kill companies, kill production, kill the economy, and the amount of carbon atoms added to the atmosphere goes down by a minor percentage, but the nation’s economy goes down in tatters. Success.

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