Climate Astrology: Piranha In South Carolina

No, no, no alarmism here

(Esquire) South Carolina has a seacoast, which apparently has eluded the notice of Governor Nikki (Kelly Ayotte Stole My Place In Line!) Haley, because her administration evidently has decided that the state is uniquely immune to the Great Climate Change Hoax, which greedy scientists insist will make the oceans bigger if we don’t watch out. So, when her state’s wildlife department compiled a report on the effect that the GCCH could have on South Carolina, Haley and her minions responded to it in the time-honored free-market way. They buried the report. It did, alas, leak, and now the former chief of the state’s wildlife department is making noise about it.

What does the report say?

“From a wildlife and natural resources standpoint, climate change is definitely going to have an impact,” said Frampton, who wrote a two-page foreword to the climate report. The climate report lists potentially substantial threats to South Carolina – ranging from the invasion of exotic eels and piranha to flooding of seaside homes and destruction of ecologically valuable marshes if temperatures continue to rise.

Sadly, climate astrologers really believe this. Alas, they don’t believe in adjusting their own lives to match their rhetoric.

The DNR’s draft study says that, with temperatures in the South projected to rise up to 9 degrees over the next 70 years, the Palmetto State should prepare for increases in wildlife disease, loss of prime duck hunting habitat and the potential invasion of non-native species such as piranha and Asian swamp eels. Many such exotic species have taken hold in Florida, but as temperatures rise, could move into South Carolina, the report said.

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6 Responses to “Climate Astrology: Piranha In South Carolina”

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  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    This is serious Teach. Have you not been paying attention to the roving gangs of Saltwater Piranha moving up and down the East Coast with impunity? These invasive SALTWATER species attack innocent native human swimmers without notice. Dozens of our Navy ships have been sunk from their attacks. All because of Sequestration.. I mean Climate Inequality.

  3. john says:

    And teh American aligator has now increased his northern range to very close to the Virginia border. Termites which were bever a real problem in New Jersey 50 years ago are now eating peoples houses up.

  4. Brian says:

    John, termites and especially a devilish specious of ants have been eating up people’s wooden and wood frame houses in New Jersey for the past 400 years, and alligators have been found in tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia for hundreds of years, too.

    What are very dangerous, too, are the White Burmese Rock Pythons which are now infesting all of Florida.

  5. Brian says:

    um,er, species?

  6. John, alligators have been in northern NC for a while. I’ve seen them. Yet, that doesn’t prove anthropological causality.

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