Daily Archives: January 14, 2013

GE: Hybrid And Electric Vehicles Make No Financial Sense

Yeah, the same company which did everything they could to avoid paying “their fair share” has lost that loving feeling for hybrids and electric vehicles (via Doug Ross) (Gas2) While General Electric has a vested interest in see electric and plug-in hybrid cars storm the car market, GE has apparently had a change of heart. […]

If All You See…

…is a world turned into a desert, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Jawa Report, with a post about how the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take over Iraq.

Because You Charged Your Smartphone You’re Committing Mass Murder

More insanity for the Cult Of Gore, from Zachary Shahan at PlanetSave (via The New Nostradamus of the North) How We’re Killing Our Kids (& Ourselves)… But Don’t Care If a mass shooting occurs at an elementary school, the whole country (and even much of the world) pays notice. And we focus on the news […]

Typical: Hardcore Leftists Support Iran And Their Nuclear Ambitions

Of course, these far left progressive dupes, otherwise known as “useful idiots“, believe that Iran is simply trying to develop nuclear for peaceful energy production (yet these same types of useful idiots block any and all attempts to expand nuclear energy elsewhere). So, of course their missive in the Iran controlled Fars News Agency In […]

Anti-Gunnites Propose Going After People Who Lie On Gun Permit Applications

They think they have really found something in which they can Do Something (NY Times) Nearly 80,000 Americans were denied guns in 2010, according to Justice Department data, because they lied or provided inaccurate information about their criminal histories on background-check forms. Yet only 44 of those people were charged with a crime. The staggeringly […]

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