Shocker: Warmer Weather Mostly Better For Everything

Remember, they were growing excellent wine grapes in England during the previous warm period, putting France’s wines to shame. Then the Little Ice Age came along, and people were starving, there was famine, crops died out, there was revolution, etc.

(UK Daily Mail) Warmer temperatures and fresh produce could be unforeseen upsides to global warming.

A UK government study released today has identified the top 100 effects of climate change and how they may surprisingly impact Britain in the next century.

The costs of public health and shipping will also go down but flooding could be really problematic and expensive, the Climate Change Risk Assessment has found.

With the melting of the Arctic sea, new routes will open up which will reduce journey times and fuel costs.

The warmer water temperatures mean sole and plaice will be more plentiful in the UK, though cod and haddock will move to cooler climates.

Flooding and other weather related events would happen regardless of temperature. It always does something. Reading the article, we also see that cold weather deaths decline significantly in the UK. Cold spells will be less. Heating demand will go down (though AC days will go up).

On the plus side, sugar beet yields could rise by up to 70 percent and wheat yields by as much as 140 percent by mid-century due to longer growing seasons if water and nutrients are available.

‘A warmer climate presents opportunities to grow new crops such as soya, sunflowers, peaches, apricots and grapes, while new markets may open up overseas for British grown produce,’ the study said.

Warmists want to bomb us back to the stone age instead of letting things that are good, and natural, progress. Well, let me restate: they want to bomb Everybody Else back to the stone age, just not themselves.

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