Here We Go: Warmists Finally Going After Methane

They’re realizing that people aren’t buying into the “CO2 will kill us all!!!!!!1!!!!!” meme anymore, considering the Earth had 15 years of warming followed by 15 years of stagnant temps, despite increases in CO2. And that we keep being treated to Warmists falsifying the data. So, time to look elsewhere

(The State Column) In the battle against global warming, scientists say they some of the world’s largest emitters should adjust their focus from reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, to curbing the emissions of soot and methane.

NASA scientists, in a study published in Science, say that while carbon dioxide from fossil fuels like coal and oil remain a larger overall cause of global warming, reducing methane and soot may offer short-term solutions that could slow down the impacts of global warming.

They aren’t fully ditching the CO2 meme, but, they want to include methane and soot to keep the cult going, though, let’s face facts, methane is a much more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Methane is the primary reason I tend to believe that Mankind is responsible for 10-15% of the real warming. That said, the two primary causes of methane output are agriculture and landfills. We are doing great things in reducing the output from landfills, but, do we really want to reduce agriculture? Surely, many Warmists would like that, as it would mean reducing the number of farm animals. Of course, plants release large amounts of methane, too.

But, good luck discussing the issue, Warmists, because so many will immediately start making fart jokes.

And, yeah, we could do more to reduce soot, not for warming reasons, but, for cleaner air.

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One Response to “Here We Go: Warmists Finally Going After Methane”

  1. david7134 says:

    If we truly have a problem with global warming secondary to humans, then the logical conclusion is to reduce the number of humans. Since this is so important to an isolated group, then lets consider eliminating them and see if that makes a difference.

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