MSDNC Hack: “This Economic Recovery Best Evah!!!!!!!”

A preview of the 90% liberal media general election talking points?

(National Review) In what is sure to be a staple of Democratic talking-points heading into the general election, former Democratic congressional staffer turned MSNBC talking head Julian Epstein argued that President Obama “has turned around an economy,” and that “that kind of economic turnaround, we have not seen in our lifetime.” The conservative on the panel, strategist Cheri Jacobus, cannot help but laugh. Meanwhile, host Martin Bashir is especially eager to hear how great the recovery has been.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. High unemployment, low consumer confidence, stagnation, low GDP….awesome recovery, dude

Ace writes

He stutters here, which makes him a Stuttering Cluster**** of a MSNBC Failure.

Why does he stutter so much? Not to be all Body Language Segment on O’Reilly, but people do sometimes show their deception, as different parts of their brain engage in the telling of the lie.

What else can Dems do but lie? Even the most brain dead/brainwashed have to privately admit that the economic policies of Obama and the Donkeys have been Stuttering Clusterf… Of Miserable Failure.

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3 Responses to “MSDNC Hack: “This Economic Recovery Best Evah!!!!!!!””

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Lou Dobbs was on O’Reily last night (I happened to catch Dobbs surfing by – I was not watching O’Reilly) and he said the actually number of jobs lost under Obama is 1.6 million, 800,000 of which were in the blue collar, manufacturing area.

    Your article on how Obama has effectively created more of a divide between the upper and middle class is absolutely true.

    Can we vote to get rid of him yet?

  2. Black Flag says:

    I’ve said this a hundred times: Whatever lie the DNC and JournOLists want to tell, this whole thing is going to come down to the state people are in when they are sitting at their kitchen tables on election morning this year. And there is no reason to think that a majority of them won’t be broke, unemployed, or related to someone on the battlefield.

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