For New Years 2012, Remember To Think About Climate Change Hoax

You just knee I was going to find something like this, right? This Warmist’s resolution is to think about it

As times goes on it will get easier and easier to experience first-hand the consequences of Climate Change, it will also get harder and harder and to adapt and reverse those consequences. By the time Climate Change gets in our face with wildly extreme weather that breaks through the denial of the most ardent deniers, it will be far too late to actually turn Climate Change around. We already have 50 years of warming stored in our atmosphere and oceans to keep us busy even if we stopped one more molecule of carbon dioxide or any of the other greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere.

Fortunately, the Warmist has a solution

We must all be Climate Change communicators. What specifically can Climate Change Communicators do? Here are some ideas:
-Start a web site, blog, or online group in your community to monitor local news as your media mentions extreme weather events and other predictions of Climate Change. Use Rochester as a model.
-Write to you local media editors and ask them to pay attention to Climate Change as it may influence your community.
-Join organizations like that encourage local gatherings and actions on Climate Change.
-Comment online using your social networking like Facebook and Twitter to counteract wrong information about Climate Change and encouraging more folks to understand this issue.
-Join your local environmental and social groups and help them see the perils of climate change in your region.

Is it just me, or did I miss the part about said warmist actually changing his own behavior, and recommending that other warmists do the same?

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