Warmists Worried About Future Generations, Want Denier Criminals Jailed

A few interesting links, via Tom Nelson, starting with Kim Stanley Robinson

This existential crisis is very real; we need meaning to go forward, and yet capitalist society doesn’t provide it. Now, at the beginning of the climate-change era, the start of the Anthropocene, that meaning is simply evident in the world — really it’s forced on us by the situation — we have to decarbonize, which means changing everything, which means utopia, all for survival and for our descendants.

…we are far past the natural carrying capacity of the planet in terms of our numbers. There is something amazing about the human capacity to walk this tightrope over the abyss without paralysing fear. We’re good at ignoring dangers; but now, on the attenuating peninsula, on the crazy tower of prostheses — however you envision it, it is a real historical moment of great danger, and we need to push hard for utopia as survival, because failure now is simply unacceptable to our descendants, if we have any.

Hmm, that’s strange that Warmists are worried about future generations, considering that the majority of Warmists are lefties who support abortion on demand. But, anyhow, you first, Kim. Live like it’s 2 million BC.

And here’s Greg Laden

Every several minutes I get anywhere form 50 to about 500 words of invective yammering from one or another internet bully, and I consider every one of them to be a criminal in their own sick little way, which I put in a holding bin where they will never be seen on my blog. That’s a lot of “man” hours being spent by global warming denialists, criminals … against the environment and against humanity and against the next generation of people .. every one in my view, for nothing.

See? You’re a criminal because you use energy to read blogs on the Internet……oh, wait, Greg uses energy to publish his blog. Bummer. And then there’s the whole “generation” thing.

And the Kenyan Daily Nation

Within this poisoned environment, a deal was reached that allowed for more talks which could very well extend into the next decade.

So, the environment was “poisoned” during much of the Earth’s history? Bet plants love the poison.

What we require now is strong political leadership on the environment, swift, severe and uncompromising punishment for all polluters.

They should punish themselves for polluting the atmosphere by using energy to publish a website and killing trees to put this crap in print.

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4 Responses to “Warmists Worried About Future Generations, Want Denier Criminals Jailed”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    If we don’t institutionalize them they will get the opportunity to institutionalize us.

  2. Said institutions should be up near where the polar bears live.

  3. Word says:

    Experts from Kim Stanley Robinson:

    I had also come to feel that many people, and especially many of my leftist colleagues, thought of science as merely the instrument of power — as the most active and effective wing of capitalism.

    Freely admitting being a leftist as well as using science as an instrument of POWER.

    This now struck me as wrong. To me it seemed that we actually exist in a situation that can better be described as ‘science versus capitalism’:

    Capitalism IS the ENEMY of these Environmental terrorist whackos.

    a world in which smaller progressive concepts such as environmentalism, environmental justice, social justice, democracy itself — all these were going to be defeated together,

    And a clearly self confession that AGW is a progressive concept which must be NANNY STATE FORCED on the rest of America and the world.

    and there you have it…..a full confession by a leftist progressive that AGW is a strategy…….

    A strategy to defeat capitalism.

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