Huntsman Won’t Pass AGW Legislation Unless China And India Do The Same

The more I learn about Jon Huntsman, the more I like him, in terms of what he stands for and what he has done. I can move past the whole working for Obama as ambassador to China, since this gives him excellent insight and knowledge about the largest holder of American debt. Other than Michele Bachmann, he is really the only other true Conservative, both fiscally and socially. The only big issue I have with him is his belief in anthropogenic global warming, and the potential to push for and/or sign globull warming legislation. But, here is something a bit heartening, via Think Progress Green

Appearing on the Laura Ingraham radio show, Huntsman professed his faith in climate scientists, in stark contrast to his competitors for the GOP presidential nomination. However, when Ingraham then pressed him what he would do about it, Huntsman balked, saying that he “will not allow this country to…unilaterally disarm” unless China and India address climate change as well.

INGRAHAM: How are we going to make America strong if we walk into these problems with this idea of, “we’ve got to cap emissions, otherwise if we don’t do that, the climate’s going to change.” That’s just a jobs killer.

HUNTSMAN: You hit right on exactly the key point here, and that is, what are you going to do about it? I’m not one who’s going to disadvantage this economy or hobble job creators by doing something that clearly is an international problem. Unless you’ve got China and India and others who are willing to address their issue as well, you are unilaterally disarming, and I will not allow this country to do that.

Again, I could care less if someone is a Warmist. I do care if they try and push their beliefs on me, especially at the barrel of a government decree.* And the chances of China and India passing any legislation or joining some sort of UN IPCC accord are virtually nil.

BTW, I never got around to talking about this yesterday, but, Huntsman gave one hell of a speech on the economy and Obama. There were a few squishy parts, but, really, people aren’t going to agree with everything a candidate says or stands for. I was very much against Reagan’s environmental stances, and, had he been around today, Conservatives would have freaked over his squishy illegal alien stance. In fact

You may not agree with me on every single issue.

But you’ll always know exactly where I stand, and I will never waver from my conservative convictions.

When I say something, I mean it. And when I promise to do something, I’ll do it.

Rather Bushtonian, eh (#12)? Some of the ideas and policy prescriptions Huntsman makes are unworkable, but, hey, at least he’s making them.

*I do not like when anyone pushes their views on me, especially by government decree. This includes Christians of some type preaching to me.

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One Response to “Huntsman Won’t Pass AGW Legislation Unless China And India Do The Same”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    Huntsman is a warmist there fore by definition a barking Moonbat, institutionalization and heavy medication are required. He believes that carbon is making the world warmer and that we need to do something about it. Given that it’s theoretically possible he could become president, he’s a dangerous lunatic. I’d sooner vote for Ron Paul than Jon Huntsman.

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