OWS Brings Butt-Crack To Capital Hill

Apparently, OWS hasn’t heard of those extra long shirts that stops plumber’s crack

That’s the cropped version of the photo (by AP) that the Politico is running to accompany their story

The Occupy Wall Street movement, joined by members of a range of (Leftist) community and labor groups, are taking their grievances to Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

Occupy protesters from across the country, union members, students and other community activists are planning a day to “Take Back the Capitol,” according to information posted on websites of participating groups.

What are their grievances? Hmph. The story doesn’t say.

Beginning at the Lower Senate Park located next to the Capitol, groups of protesters will fan out to congressional offices to “remind members of Congress that the Capitol is the people’s house, and demand that they represent the 99 percent,” according to Service Employees International Union.

So, basically another ginned up “protest” by the Left leaning SEIU. No real demands, no coherent policies. Probably just “give me free money.” And, yeah, they plan on destroying the area around the Capital by “camping.” Hey, chumps, the White House is just down the road. Head on over and protest Obama, who is in bed with the 1% you hate.

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4 Responses to “OWS Brings Butt-Crack To Capital Hill”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    According to police, a woman was stabbed in an argument at the Baltimore, MD OWS encampment.

    The head of the OWS there makes a telling statement:

    Organizer Annemarie Rush said the victim and suspect have been staying at the site for “quite some time, but they are not considered to be active participants in our greater goals.”

    “We have attracted a wide array of different parts of Baltimore, and different people who feel they have been disenfranchised,” Rush said. “That also includes all of the problems that come with Baltimore and society in general.

    Wait. I thought the OWS movement was supposed to be what society could be like. A utopia where the masses demanded more from others and fought for truth and justice.

    It seems the OWS have something that some people wand and the “lesser people” are disavowed by the OWS people.

    Isn’t that what the OWS says is wrong with the country? That people who need more should be given it?

    • Adobe Walls says:

      Don’t know about Utopia but that is definitely what this country will look like if current trends aren’t reversed.

  2. KenE says:

    This Occpussy movement is more union organized than people think….they supply tents,generators,pay people to stay over night and so on….In Toronto Sun News found only a few tents where in use using infrared camera..hotels near by done some extra busineess…who done the paying????

  3. mojo says:

    Ah, so they didn’t have the O-ficial “OWS Member” card, eh?

    Convenient, that.

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