Warmist Brenda Ong Recommends Climate Change (Hoax) Rebrand Itself

The Warmists just can’t help themselves

(Policymic) The International Energy Agency (IEA) recognized the greater political appeal of the “energy security” agenda. In an information paper on Policy Considerations for Deploying Renewables published on November 23, they rank energy security as the best reason for governments to increase investments in renewables. Economic development comes second, while climate change is third. The recommendation is to promote it as an affordable and secure energy source (in the long run).

The UK is demonstrating efforts at the rebranding exercise. Energy minister Chris Huhne sidelined global warming in a speech to the House of Commons in favor of the consumer, stating that “the decisions we make must ensure the consumer is protected as far as possible from rising prices.” He added that the UK would secure its energy “in the long term by steering us away from excessive reliance on fossil fuels and onto clean, green and secure energy”.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee also noted: “Given the difficulty in developing a new international treaty, this matter must be addressed in a way that strengthens our economy and bolsters our energy security.”

The climate change movement needs to speak the language of politicians to get political momentum behind it. It needs to rebrand itself in energy security and cost-efficient terms, and less on altruism and saving the planet.

I have an idea: the movement (doesn’t that denote that it is all about politics?) should become more open and publish all the gathered raw data, particularly since so much is done on the public dime. Prove that it is a science. But, they can’t. They won’t. AGW is not about science at all.

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4 Responses to “Warmist Brenda Ong Recommends Climate Change (Hoax) Rebrand Itself”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    I think “we” should re-brand the Globull Warmists as “Climate Zionists” and make sure the Islamists know what their true agenda is.

  2. Word says:

    Yes if you pay close attention to the AGW debate you will see them trying to rebrand their argument but they still ultimately want to end up in the same place…….

    You have two groups in the AGW crowd…..

    1.) Those calling for A carbon free world. A world in which fossil fuels is relegated to obscurity.

    2.) Those who wish to regulate co2 emissions by severely taxing those who would emit excess co2. This taxation is then used to benefit second world nations.

    3.) Those who simply despise Capitalism and see this as a way to destroy western economies and a return to a sort of pseudo communism.

    In all 3 instances you have sincere people that have ZERO…….NOTHING………NOT ONE PLAN…..

    thats workable.

    The results of handing a victory to any of the 3 mentioned groups above would be the end of mankind and worldwide anarchy to the extent that Even AMERICANS would be killing each other in the street……

    But then of course thats really the goal of most of the world these days anyway…….

    The demise of the USA……and now they have a leader in the White HOuse who is trying to help them by his inability to lead and a democratic party infiltrated by pseudo commies/progressives that would do anything to see the ultimate commie nanny state put fully in place in America.

    Its the end of the world as we know it……….IF

    If we let the greenies win.

  3. Word says:

    lets see 1 plus 1 plus another 1 is um……2?

    Thats 3 groups…..not 2 groups….sorry about that chief.

  4. Alice says:

    Yes, let’s go for energy “security” with renewables. Let’s mine all the components in the US, do all the refining and manufacturing, which would at least create those jobs we keep hearing about. Yeah-like the “green” crowd is going to allow that……

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